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Show the score, the team name on your Loquiz tasks

Your players are progressing in your game and you’d like to remind them of their score? With the field variables feature, you can make it possible! As you can see from the following screenshot, the player can see their own name and score. But how’s that possible?

From your Loquiz account, edit a task. Add the following field variables to make it happen:

${TEAM_NAME} – For the team name (not the team members)
${SCORE} – For the score. It will show the score at the time when the task opens

Here are some examples of tasks:

  • Let the player know how many points he needs to get before winning
  • Make more personal storytelling for the player/team
  • Use the translation to replace “points” by “eggs” (like in the Missing Easter Dinner game). Then in a task, let the player know how many eggs they found

Note: If you don’t have a Loquiz account, you can make one for free.

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