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Easter is Coming, but the Dinner is missing! – A New Loquiz Game Template

The dinner is missing!

Play the game, and you will retrieve the missing dinner.

Yes, for real.

It will lead you outside. Then, you will gather a lot of eggs. Spend this to hire rabbit cooks. Then cook dishes.

If you succeed in this game, you will get a lot of actual recipes that you can use for your real-life Easter dinner. It helps if you also have a missing dinner for your real-life Easter. 🐰

Some screenshots from the Loquiz app where you can see the empty table and a few rabbits to hire for the missing Easter Dinner
A few screenshots of the game.

How can you play this Loquiz game?

You can play it now if you want. Using the Loquiz app (Android and iOS), scan the following QR code:

A QR code to start. It means 
Username: nodinner
Password: easter

You can also start the game from your Loquiz app by typing the following:

Username: nodinner

Password: easter

Two screenshot from the Missing dinner on the Loquiz app
Some other screenshots. Can you solve the riddle?

Have fun!

The whole content of the Missing Eater Dinner game is yours!

You can also copy the game into your Loquiz account and modify it as much as you want. So if you have an account (that you can run for free), feel free to copy the game. Thus, you’ll get access to the whole content.

If you’ve played the game, you might notice that the rules are somehow simple. However, contrary to many Loquiz games, I added a bit of randomization. Indeed, if you look in the game’s Creator, you will notice a complex construction for the randomization.

a screenshot of the Creator for the Missing Easter Dinner
Into the Creator. Pretty complex, uh?

I won’t go into detail about it today. However, this will be the topic for future massive content later 😉

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