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Guest post: Face To Face Engagement And The New Digital Age

The world is saturated with apps and easy to use technology and, as time progresses, the digital evolution is becoming so strong that many of the younger generation are missing out on a crucial form of communication.

Face to face engagement is imperative for exhibitions, events and teambuilding exercises but, due to the world becoming reliant solely on all things digital, the relationship between face to face engagement and technology is ebbing away. In its place is a generation reliant on webinars, videos and other technological portals to engage with others.

A lack of physical connection is desensitising people against the most natural form of engagement, and gives many people the blasé attitude of not attending events or exhibitions as they can simply access the same information online or via software. With the mantra of ‘just Google it’ ringing round most workplaces, many are left void of the benefits that verbal engagement can bring. Many fear leaving behind their laptops and smartphones, not realising that they can still harness their technological artillery whilst actually verbally engaging with a real life person.

Events and exhibitions provide an incredible catalyst for interaction. Despite people often attending alone, many use Twitter and relevant hashtags to engage with other attendees prior to the event. Being able to take this virtual relationship and shunt it into a real life setting is valuable and engaging with like-minded industry professionals in the flesh is second-to-none networking. At events, auditoriums buzz with compelling conversations as connections are made and LinkedIn profiles exchanged.

Rocketing emails backwards and forwards can be efficient, but it isn’t a personal connection, and straying away from virtual conversations can boost creativity and energy. Networking is essential for business and initial face to face engagement creates a foundation for strong and meaningful professional relationships. This is not to say that digital devices cannot be used to supplement further bonding.

Relishing in a bubble of professionals and captivating talks naturally breeds a more complex way of thinking. Granted, there is a wealth of knowledge online that is available at our fingertips, but bouncing ideas and concepts off of those around you can often be more stimulating.face to face engagement2

Many events or exhibitions had a multitude of speakers and, despite the fact that a speaker is addressing a crowd, their ability to deliver information and make it feel personal to the individual is extremely valuable. Body language of the speaker, teamed with the evocative nature within most deliver their content, can be extremely inspirational for attendees. Although it could be argued that videos could provide the same information without even needing to attend an event, it is the real life connection that makes speakers so important.

A top class speaker can revamp the motivation and imagination of tired individuals and it is this pep that many find so rewarding. Exiting a day of presentations with rejuvenated vigour can not only improve work life but also home; a double edged sword of success. Many underestimate the power of speech and rely solely on virtual media and, whilst digital content is abundant and beneficial, it holds different strengths and qualities in contrast to traditional engagement.

World-leading speaker bureau, Celebrity Speakers, agree that speakers can lift and reframe an individual’s thinking with their vision and experience of high achievement. They provide the most influential people on the planet to inspire, educate, motivate or entertain and promote their founding vision ‘high achievers inspire others’.

In simplistic terms, face to face engagement is all about feeling. The human psyche has a natural yearning for personal connection and exhibitions and events are a go-to for those who thrive from fluid conversations and presentations. However, that is not to say that the benefits and positives of the digital realm are to be ignored. It is integral that society makes the most of both traditional and new-age mediums to continue to develop.

Harnessing the power of speech, whether in a meeting or listening to a speaker, needs to be injected back into society and fed onto younger generations so that the reliance on digital tools is fragmented. Currently, the value of face to face engagement is being forgotten as opposed to championed and creating a powerful relationship between technological advancements and traditional mediums should be what the industry aims for as it advances.

About the author



Felicity Ellewood has been working in the events industry for a number of years and has a passion for the harnessing digital tools and incorporating them with traditional event mediums. She is currently working with Celebrity Speakers.


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