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Creating good questions for team building treasure hunts and scavenger hunts- advanced level

We have previously covered how to create awesome questions for team building treasure hunts and creating local personalized questions. As well, we have an amazing set of 100 photo scavenger hunt team tasks. This time, we introduce 3 tips how to create even more advanced questions for players who appreciate the gamification and brainwork!

1) Split questions between locations

This is sort of a “memory” game. You attach a photo for a question in one location and ask people to remember it for the question opening up when they reach the next location. Or it migh even appear at a random time during the game.


Look at the photo! Try to remember all the details about the man in the picture, in the next location, the question will be about him!
Elton_John_photobomb_headerImage source:

Question opening in the next location might be:

Who was the famous man in the picture?


What colour was the drinking bottle in front of the man in the photo?

You can even add videos to the question and ask questions about it when teams arrive at the next location   : )

2) Split teams

To add excitement you can add a task to split teams for one-two tasks.
Example: Act quick, you have 15 minutes! The answer is a number of pine trees growing on top of the hill you are next to + the number of windows in the hiking hut near the river, 90  m away to the west”.
So people have to split, use google maps on their own devices (or a paper map) to find these two locations/objects in the forest and gather back together to answer. The game still runs on one device and an extra map is needed for orienteering. This takes strategical thinking- which team members are quicker to run uphill and which ones to orienteer to the hut? Also, where to meet afterwards?

If you use extra maps, whether on another smart device or on paper, then the task can be much more complicated. It can also involve finding an answer from the environment in two or more locations, or getting a code word from the instructor after an activity.

You have 20 minutes to answer and complete this task. Split the team in two!

Team 1) has to visit two locations
X) 51.475697, -0.162467 AND
Y) 51.478343, -0.149828
Team 2) has to visit the information desk and slide in this amusement park

 Which of the following statements are TRUE?

a) In location X, is fire making permitted and is there a place for it?!
In location Y, is the info board about flowers with a picture of a bear on it?!
c) The information desk is yellow
d) The instructor told you, after completing the slide, the codeword is “hakuna matata!”

After visiting the locations meet at: 51.479192, -0.158079

3) Photos or it didn’t happen

Use Photoshop, Gimp or other editing software and edit a photo of a building, sculpture or other object. Add the slighlty modified photo to the (location based) question and ask people to visit the object to spot what is different in real life.

Look at the photo and find this building! What is different in the photo from real life? Several might be correct. 

a) three windows are missing

b) six windows are missing

c) Museum entrance has different coloured pillars

d) None of the above

team building treasure hunt

Photo source: Google street view

Puzzle, trivia and location based questions are fun but advanced level questions make your games better and give players an unique and engaging experience. After all, good games start from good questions. We hope these three tips inspire you to create your own advanced- level questions to try out with people!

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