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What do you know about your company? Gamification of employee orientation

Let’s say you a new employee has joined your team a month ago. How do you check that he/she knows what you want him/her to know about your business? Do you have a talk? Run a test? Just ignore it? It is an awkward situation to say the least.

How can we make it less awkward after employee orientation? Gamify it. Adding physical activity means that there are endorphines added so that it just feels better for the participant. And since you do not need to participate you will certainly feel better ūüėČ
If you are new to the concept of gamification then wikipedia covers it.

Does it work? ¬†Don’t take my word on it. Try it out now!

The big question of course is: What do you want people to know about your organization? Leaders name? Date of birth? Hmm…

employee orientation

If you have a quality employee handbook and intro processes for new recruits, you have the info right there. Just come up with good questions. If everybody hates the handbook then it might be wise to look elsewhere.

Remember, it is a game, so it is ok to ask silly things like how many persons with first name John are working in our company? Then make sure to drop in some not so silly questions like what sea-creature does our mission statement remind you of?

In addition to all the rules and mission, vision, and values, always ask about what is going on right now. Some good starters are listed below. You just need to come up with good answers to make it a game.

  • Who are our clients?
  • What makes us unique?
  • What problems are we solving for them?
  • What do we say to our clients?
  • What are our key strategic indicators?

Preparing this game in Loquiz is incredibly easy. Create an account. Add some questions. Create any type of game out of these (rogain is recommended for beginners) and play. You can run it for up to 10 teams absolutely for free. Do it. Now.

After your new recruits have played let the old timers play as well. Who do you think will know your organization better?

Did you know that the last school day in September is also promoted as Ask a stupid question day?, so keep on asking those stupid questions!

Click¬†here¬†for some insight¬†about what people know and don’t know about their organization.

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