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7 scavenger hunt apps for gamification

If you have run team building events for quite a while, you are probably after some unique new game ideas. Apps can bring some refreshment into old game concepts for clients, as well as improve the speed and ease of workflow while preparing a game. So, if you conduct team building games or corporate trainings, amazing races or campus tours that need gamification, you might benefit from using a scavenger hunt app.

If technology is usually all about individuality, then these types of apps encourage engagement with surroundings and cooperation with other people in real life. (depending of course on the nature of the questions/tasks).

The basic functionality of all these apps is the same. They usually enable you to create assignments that teams or individual players have to complete. Not all, but some apps include a map where you can set up location specific tasks. Most smartphones and tablets have 3G or 4G data connections and GPS so players can use their own devices during the events.

Good games start with quality content- clever questions and tasks are the backbone of an interesting game that aims to deliver your events or trainings goals. A variety of tasks makes games way more interesting. So, these apps have trivia questions, “snap a photo” or “go to a certain location” types of tasks. That is the reason why the multiple scavenger hunt app platforms below have a database of ready to use questions that you can use while creating team building games.

One additional decision point is whether to choose an app that offers ready-made games with less room for you to make games personal, or a platform that enables you to create tailored games according to your own vision and bring your creative ideas into life.

Below is a short description of some of the unique features each app has. We recommend trying out multiple. This allows you to understand whether a certain platform matches your events or team building needs.

1 LOQUIZ has different game types that you can build on and a built in English question library. From outdoor freeflow movement games to brainwork-inducing strategy games and scavenger hunts, Loquiz has it all. There is also the possibility to invite colleagues or clients to collaborate on games and questions.

2 Scramboo’s main field is gamification for marketing campaigns. So you can have a product branded game that delivers goals to advertise and introduce products.

3 Eventzee arranges weekly photo hunts for the public. Building a game requires some real world preparation with qr code stickers that can be placed in the playing area.

4 Social scavenger is focused on making staging photos even more fun. It has “stickers” you can overlay during photo hunts on pictures, so that team members may, for example, wear a wig or mask.

5 Huntzz is different because it only has an app without the online game building. So, you can create games inside the app. Has antique treasure map looking interface.

6 Locandy has ready-made quests: scenario games where you have to make decisions and the story evolves accordingly. Upon request, you can have an author account.

7 Mobile adventures is fully focused on offering ready-made games in various locations so almost no input is needed to create a game. Inserting your own questions is optional.

While experimenting with a few different apps, you definitely get ideas for interesting team building games and scavenger hunts. They also just might help you to adapt some existing scavenger hunt ideas for playing on smart devices so you can facilitate your games more easily. Some probably match better with your company’s style but some might inspire you to add something completely new to your activities portfolio.

We hope this article gives you a starting point to decide how you can benefit from using an app and can bring all your creative game concepts into life.

This article was originally published on 17th of September 2015 in Event Industry News 

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