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Briefing players for Snakes and Ladders game

Here is a short “start a game” transcript from us. In case you are struggling with your intro for Strategy Games made in Loquiz.   You can probably do much better explaining the game, but this pretty much covers the basics in poor english.

Hi my name is …and I am here to help you play the game at hand.


In Loquiz, there are a number of fields in the game just like in a board game. The game is all about getting from start to finish with as few steps as possible.

To be successful you need to move around, observe the environment and figure out a thing or two. And you need a tablet computer.

Here are some things to know:


Your starting field is determined by the dice. Just shake the device to get your lucky number. This is the field you need to head out to. It is red on the map and an arrow points to it, so it should be easy to find.


Question pops up on your screen when you get to the right spot. The questions always have multiple choice answers and they might include photos or videos. When a question pops up, you have to answer it.


Answering a question is probably the most important part of the game. You see – correct answers usually take you forward and wrong answers set you back. How many steps forward or backward each question takes you, you can see from the strategy map.


Think about a board game. There are shortcuts to move you forward several fields at a time. Our game is full of shortcuts. Every question has shorter or longer shortcuts attached to it and you can have an easy overview of all of them on a handy STRATEGY MAP.

Get it?

You might want to answer one question deliberately wrong to go back some steps in order to take a long forward shortcut by answering another one right!

This is the heart of the game. It does not matter how many times you answer wrong or right, it just matters that you get to the finish with as few steps as possible within a time limit.


The finish field is clearly marked with a checkered pin. It might or it might not be the last field in the game. Just take that into consideration when building your strategy!


There is a time limit ticking down on the upper right corner of the game. Try to get to the finish within this time limit. However, if you do not get to the finish within a time limit, do not worry, you will be directed straight to the finish once the time has run out.


Choose a map or satellite view for navigation. Use whatever works best for you or switch between them as you see fit.


You can open questions early. This opens the next question as if you were there. Penalty point is added to your score. Use it if you are running out of time or the location is not accessible. Sometimes this option is not available or is limited.


Strategy map allows you to plan your route by clicking on the fields. Marked connections will then automatically also appear on a map screen. So you always know whether to answer right or wrong. This is really helpful stuff!


Well this is all there is to it. Hope this helps you to master the game.

I do not know what the questions are and where they will open, but I sure know that if you keep the focus on getting to the finish with as few steps as possible you will do great!


Hope this helps you to develop your own killer brief

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