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Ideas for using Loquiz to offer a great holiday

Maybe you and your company want to promote the tourism in your city or country – be a part of the big picture. It’s all in your hands, it is unbelievably easy to create a Loquiz game that would introduce others the things about your city that you value the most.

If you are a tourism company, maybe you have clients flying in and there is a long bus transfer from the airport to the hotel. Instead of the tour guide talking for ages and introducing the country, why not give the others a game with questions about your nation and give them the chance to explore and put themselves on test?
We all know the situation when after a flight you just want to sleep during the transfer to your hotel but the tourist guide is talking and talking on the bus and the voice coming from the speakers does not allow you to – Loquiz is also a solution to this. The ones who want to learn more about the country at that moment, can take the tablet computer, start the Loquiz app and learn about the place they are about to spend the next week or so.

Loquiz can also perfectly be used during city tours, the tour guide knows what he/she wants the clients to see. Why not then give your group some tablet computers and start the Loquiz app. Add a bit of competition to the city tour, send them on their way with Loquiz, design the route just the way you want, leaving all the important landmarks on the way. As a guide, you will be surprised how much more your group sees and learns about the city and how much more content they will be with the city tour as they can choose their own pace and choose what to see first.

Now this is going to sound unbelievable but…you could even make the day time during stag weekends quite…ehh intelligent. The stag groups could actually see something other than the pubs and clubs in your city! Sounds crazy, right?
As a rep, you could send them off to the old town for example, giving each group a tablet computer and free hands to discover the city. Maybe they are not ready for heavy thinking after their actions the night before, in this case – create a game about beautiful women for example, add lots of picture questions and they are in for a treat, the details revealed and the level of the game is up to you… Do not tell them what it is about before they start it…they will figure it out soon enough (taken that they decide to compete against their friends and not sit down at the first pub on the way, thinking why did they have to do the last round of shots the night before.)
Playing the game would give them a chance actually say that they have been to the place they went to and they have something to take back home. After playing Loquiz, it’s certain that they have seen more than just lots of alcohol, no matter what the questions are about, they still go around and see the city.

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