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Move from A to B on foot

One usage scenario of Loquiz is when you need to move the group from point A to point B. For example the game starts from the hotel but ends in front of the restaurant. Or you start from  bus stop and need to get people to holiday house. So the goal is actually to get people from one place to another in an interesting way.

Loquiz offers many ways to make people move

The simplest way is to build a game with strategy parameters so that correct answer always takes you forward one step (prize=1) but  the wrong answer does not take you anywhere (penalty=0).  This results in a situation that when you are standing still and answer wrong you will have the chance to answer again.  Extra step is added to your score, but as in regular game, you do not need to move backward.

If you only have one track to follow this way you can avoid some teams traveling backward and gaining extra distance.



Lets look at two examples.

The first one basically forces the teams to follow all the points one by one. If your answer is incorrect you get the same question again. If it is correct you move to next question.


Good thing here is that nobody is falling back so you can tightly control how many kilometers each team travels.

The point -you answer the same question until you get it right and move to the next one. This works when you are moving on foot, meaning you are still at the position of the last question.

However, if you are moving, lets say you are in a bus or train, this would not work. There is no way to turn back to the last location in case you answer wrong. Train will not turn back for you.

So building upon following strategy might be suitable. Here every correct answer takes you forward two steps. Wrong answer only one step. If you are answering wrong you get more questions and hence more penalty points.

Several iterations of both strategies are possible.


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