Is it easy to train dogs?

11 April 2022

Happy International Pet Day! Some years ago I visited Waltham UK, the leading pet research center in Europe. We had...

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Share your game to another Loquiz account

30 March 2022

We have previously written about the difference of games and game templates and why you should create templates. In this...

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Why should you use ticketing within Loquiz to sell your games and tours?

27 January 2022

Tickets allow you to sell individual access to your games.  Tickets are single-use username/password combos that allow the player to...

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New feature- Playground Zoom

26 November 2021

When you have been using the Playground feature then you know that the playgrounds work so that you put the...

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Creating self-guided city tours with gamification: Alberta Food tours interview

11 August 2021

We interviewed Alberta Food Tours team about why and how they create gamified audio tours for people visiting Western Canada....

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Natourest interview – creating self guided tours with Loquiz

6 August 2021

We interviewed Bert Rähni from Natourest / Activest naturetours company in Estonia about their self-guided tours. After creating tours over...

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