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Game idea: How to Create a “Relay Baton” Story?

How to create a Relay Baton Story

➡️ You can create Loquiz Games in which there is only one story, and several teams, each of them doing one chapter. They pass each other the relay baton.

➡️ For this, you first need to make a story with several chapters.

➡️ Then you can use the QR codes as a relay baton from a team to another.

➡️ I will show you how you can make a Loquiz game for such a “relay baton” story.

➡️ This format suits very well with a hybrid team building: Each team member can be located at the same place. But each team can be located at different places.

Imagine the following situation:

There is one game,

One story,

3 successive chapters,

And there are teams.

But here is the twist: Each team will play a different chapter of the story. The story will turn out differently depending on how the previous team will make choice or succeed in the riddles.

They will metaphorically give the relay baton to each other.

Is it lacking clarity until now? Let me give you an example of a “baton pass story”.

You organize a game with 3 teams playing.

The game story is about an epic tale of a group of knights, They need to go to save the kingdom from the dragon that is on its way to set the citadel on fire.

The story organizes itself as following:

The story divided in 3 chapters and 6 outcomes

Do you still have questions about it? Feel free to contact me.

Now, I hear you asking me: How are we going to connect the team using Loquiz?

Do we need to make 3 separate games for each chapter? Or do we need to make 6 games for each case?

Absolutely not. Only one game will be enough, and I will show you how:

When Team 1 finishes their final task correctly, you can add a task to their list to show a QR code.

Loquiz logic

The QR code from the task can be screenshotted and then sent by email to team 2.

Team 2 scans their QR code, and so they can resume their game.

As a side note, here is how you can create a QR code. Go to this website, type “chap1success” as on my example.

How to make a QR code?

Then you can insert this QR code as a media.

Insert a QR  as a media

And finally, here is how it will appear from the player side (minus all the possible customization).

From the player's side

Using this whole logic, basing ourselves on the example of the story of the knight expelling the not-so-evil dragon, here is how the logic will look like from the Loquiz Creator (minus all the other tasks making the game).

The whole Loquiz Logic
Each blue arrow means that a QR code is being shared from a team to another.

Do you get the idea? I agree that it’s a bit abstract. I would accept the fact that my explanation here wouldn’t be enough.

If it’s the case, I offer you 3 solutions:

  1. You can contact one of our game consultants. They will happily help you out in no time, in case if you need to set up such a game.
  2. If you have a specific question, our community would love to hear you out. You can ask in our Q&A section (Bêta).
  3. You can also contact me directly.

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