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Declining photo/video tasks

A small update in the rubric of the Photowall. That connects to the games where instructors are keeping an eye on players’ progress while the game is on. 

The Photowall includes the option of declining (=deleting) photos and videos. Accordingly, the instructor can assess if the task was completed successfully or needs another attempt. 

Instructor can decline photos by selecting “Delete” in the menu.

When the instructor deletes photo/video, the points will be deducted from the team’s score and the task appears back to the map or list. In this case, the instructor should give the team a heads up via chat, so the team could know to return to the location where the image was taken (when the game bases on map and pins). Or check the repetitive task from the list (when the game is set up with a list of tasks).

In the near future, Loquiz releases the automatic notification function. That means the team will get an instant message when the instructor declines the photo/video task or adds a bonus or comment. 

A couple of use scenarios, where the photo declining is useful: 

  • Games that use object finder – as the AI could be fooled, it might happen that the players haven’t scanned the requested object; 
  • Any kind of game that includes photo/video challenges with detailed instructions on how to set up a scene (e.g. Scavenger Photo Hunt game in our Games Market).

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