Meet our updated brand

Re-branding. It’s just replacing the logo, colors-thematics and some visuals, right? But not in our case. We went some steps further. 

Our website got a complete facelift, as well as the application in some aspects. Yet, we kept Loquiz PRO as it previously was, so you won’t feel lost in the environment that you feel comfortable to work in. 

Herewith and announcing with excitement, here are the 3 changes to look for when wandering around Loquiz tools: 

  • New app icon with renewed Loquiz logo. Switch from the white-red combo to blue-white appearance might bring up the delay in spotting the application in your device or app stores. Here is the referral what to look for:  
  • Redesigned website experience. Introducing Loquiz to your partners and end-users becomes more compelling. The modules of the website contain a mix of up-to-date content – from how it works to success stories. 

  • The information on the Games Market’s concepts and formats are now available on our website – We aim to relieve the challenge of introducing the concepts to your customers. The aforementioned helps you and your customers to learn by example and experience the full potential of our ready-made game concepts. 

We are encouraging you to share the feedback on how the re-branding looks and feels!

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