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The Loquiz Strategy Game will be back

Strategy game, since 2011

If you’re a long-time Loquiz user, you might know about the “Strategy game”, or the “Snake and Ladder” game. We’re going to re-release it soon. So if you want to test it now, feel free to contact me!

I remember well about this game, as it was my very first experience with Loquiz, and I loved it.

The principle was the following: Players start from Location One. They need to go all the way until Location 30. Each location has a quiz to answer.

Players earn or lose positions depending if they answer correctly or incorrectly.

And it follows this pattern:

If the player answers correctly Location 4, they go to Location 10. If they answer incorrectly, they go to 3.

The game is quite challenging. Sometimes the players needed to spend some time initially assessing which path to take. Indeed, if they only answered correctly on every Location, they might not reach the number 30.

But the Strategy game had to be discontinued later in 2020 when we released the Loquiz Creator. The Loquiz code became so different, that we needed to remove a few features including the Strategy game.

We could not re-release the game mechanism until I could find a trick to recreate the rules. And after a bit of work, I could make it possible!

If you want to try the new version before it gets a re-release in Loquiz, feel free to contact me. I will let you test the new version.

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