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Outeractive Experiences – case study

Patrick Lussier from Outeractive Expériences, event company operating in Quebec and Ontario in Canada, shares in this article thoughts about creating their games with Loquiz. He discusses what outcomes and key moments have been involved.

+What impact you believe Loquiz has had on your business (goals)?
It has changed the way we sell, but also the hours spent working on all the details of the concepts. Before, we needed to coordinate a million things in order to ensure our games would work well, that our facilitators would know what to say, how to score, where to send the teams next.
With Loquiz, I basically take all this information and build it into the games I create. The main goal before was to give every client an opportunity to share ideas and find ways to implement them into the desired concepts. Now, the process is a little different, we come up with the ideas and ask the client to fill in the gaps. Kind of like taking a survey, the client has options to choose from and I can incorporate them into the games instead of reinventing the concept every time. I spend more time creating and less time selling, but I still need to find a way to get clients to buy in faster and stop shopping around LOL.+Why your clients like the games you build with Loquiz?
The platform is easy to use and even the people with very little experience using a tablet can navigate their way easily and follow the pace. Plus, they feel that the game was entirely tailored to them because they can see their logo on the screen and some of the content has been created by them or for them.+What has changed in games you conduct after you implemented Loquiz?
Now that I use Loquiz, I’ve been able to adapt old concepts that used to be a ton of work to put together on site. These concepts are now even more fun than before because no one gets lost and they can all concentrate at the task instead of the search. I initially got Loquiz to transfer an old concept onto the tablets. Now I can take two concepts, mix them together and have teams use more abilities within the same game.

+What has surprised you the most about Loquiz?
The adaptability of the games. Even the simplest Rogaine feature can be completely tailored to fit the clients needs and expectations, but mostly how amazingly simple it is to sell to the clients the idea of this being a lot of fun for everyone. The Scavenger game options is my favourite, although I needed to put a lot of time and effort into mastering the options, I find it is still not so demanding but offers a lot of surprises along the way for the teams.

+How many game products you have built with Loquiz?
Over 75 different games, but the main concepts that I work around is about 6, I keep telling myself this: I know what works, so I have to convince my clients that this is what they need, not some crazy idea that popped into their heads.

+What project are you especially proud of that Loquiz has enabled you to bring into life?
A Game of Thrones concept where every team had created their own lifelines (personalized family oriented questions for each participant). It was built into a match game, and every team was trying to eliminate the others by answering correctly all the opposing team’s questions correctly. Sometimes alliances needed to be created between teams in order to accelerate the process, Facilitators had special combat training games to get teammates working together and eventually take over the Throne. It was fun, energetic, interactive, very unpredictable and everyone loved it.

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