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3 Benefits of End-to-End Event Software

Event planners have a lot of things to worry about over the course of planning an event. Some
form of event software is necessary to handle the increased complexity faced by today’s event
planner. Event management software is a generic term that covers all software used to plan and
manage events. It ranges from end-to-end solutions that cover the entire process from before to
after the event, to solutions that focus on one aspect of planning an event, registration for

In this post I’m going to discuss 3 big reasons to consider a comprehensive software solution.

Save time, reduce error

Many planners have some sort of spreadsheet system for managing attendees, sponsors, and
exhibitors. I’m sure some of you reading this right now currently shuffle between spreadsheets
while planning your event. Every second counts when planning an event, and there is valuable
time spent updating and uploading all of your records that could be used elsewhere. It’s also
important to think about the increased chance of someone on your team making an error when
entering or updating information, which can again waste important time to fix.
An end-to-end event software solution allows you to keep and monitor everything you need in
one central hub. Because of this you and your team don’t have to worry less about switching
between tools and making sure information stays consistent between all of them.

Improved attendee experience

Your event experience is an important factor in increasing new, and repeat, attendance. The
ease of registration and check-in, staying up-to-date on important announcements, and
responsiveness to feedback are among many other aspects of the event experience that your
attendees pay attention to.
The beauty of an end to end event software is the ability for you to provide a fluid, easy to use
experience for your attendees because everything is coming from one location. This fluidity
becomes more important as the expectation of mobile technology at events increases.

Manage the process better

The big benefit of using an end-to-end software solution is being able to manage everything
from one tool, even if you use integrations. You can see your registrations, view and edit your
agenda, manage price tiers, assign tasks to your team, and more all in one location. Being able
to have a high level view of every aspect of your planning process allows you to essentially be
in multiple places at once, while reducing the mental strain of keeping track of several different


End-to-end event management software is a great tool for improving your planning process. The
improvements in your planning process in time saved, error reduction, experience, overall
process management will help your events crush your organization’s goals and provide a
remarkable experience for your attendees. With that being said, every planning team is in a
different situation, so before taking a leap and buying an event software product you must take
the time to evaluate your situation and understand what type of solution you need. This is the
best way to set your team up for success!


Sidney is Head of Growth at Message Blocks, an Event Management Software company.



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