Gamification conference held from 9-10 November

From 9-10th of November was held the first gamification conference for event professionals. 

Representatives of companies from seven countries gathered to exchange their best question and game concepts. Second focus was main challenges in corporate events and how to use smart device games to grow business.

During the event was also presented Loquiz roadmap and a list of new features.

Loquiz enables event and learning professionals to easily create team building games and run them on smart devices. Games created with Loquiz encourage people to interact with each other and surroundings in the real world while moving physically. This mixture is a base for creating meaningful and engaging experiences for events.

About Loquiz.

Loquiz gamification platform is used in more than 25 countries by event companies, outdoor activity providers, team building trainers and schools. Games created with the platform have been experienced by people from world leading corporations and it has proven to engage and entertain different age groups.

For game creators it has become the one tool making it possible to

– respond to game requests promptly and thereby shorten lead times

– fulfill game requests with less organizing and facilitating staff  

– innovate and bring new game concepts into life

– grow the total volume of gamified events and occasions.

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