Online results are event based. Meaning that you get dedicated set of result pages for every event. Results are publicly available in web. You can choose for every event exactly what event pages are visible.

Result screens

There are several result screens. Availability depends on the game type and the choice event creator has made.

NB! When logged in to the PRO all the event screens are visible, for wider public only result pages event creator has marked are visible.

1. Game info

Game info is intended for the instructor and lists main game attributes like time limit, number of questions, welcome text etc. It is good idea to share this link with the instructor. On this page there are links to all other available results pages for this game type. This screen is available for all game types.


2. Question list with answers

Question list with answers shows all the questions and answers. This is not meant to be shared with players. During the game you will also be able to see how each team answered each question.

It is powerful tool for instructor to pick up most interesting questions after the game. From Question page there are links to all other available results screens. This screen is available for all game types.


3. Progress

Progress screen shows in a simple way how teams progress through the game. It shows on a time-line to what question team answered, when and if the answer was correct or incorrect. This is good screen to be shown on big screen for any game type.

The screen is available for all the game types. From this screen there are links to Results table and Map (if available) and Photos.

NB! You see zeros if you have removed a question from the game!

4. Results table

Results table shows results for all the teams in one handy table. This is meant to be a tool to wrap things up and to announce the winner. Results table is available for all game types in slightly different forms. From results table there are links to progress page and map page (if available).


5. Map

This shows the map of the game, all game locations and also during the game the teams on a map. Team status is updated in checkpoints. After the game it will show the path team took to navigate through the game from point to point. Map is a great tool to check where teams are and also analyze after the game what routes teams took.

Map is available for Rogain, Strategy and Scavenger game types. From map screen users can navigate to Progress and results screens.


6. Photos and videos

If your game includes photo questions then the photos teams make end up here.

Please note that photos and videos are sent to the server only if there is operational data connection after taking the photo. If data connection is not present media is saved on mobile device, but not sent to server.

On photos & videos page it is possible to:

  • Delete photos (logged in users only)
  • Add bonus points to photos (logged in users only). Bonus points will be awarded in addition to the score that player got for making the photo. Bonus points are added to the total score. There is no limit of big or small (negative) the bonus points are. Bonus points can be changed at any time
  • Filter photos based on team name and/or task name
  • Show photos as slideshow.
  • Download entire event photoset for local viewing (please note if there are a lot of photos this might produce a very large file that exceeds the server limits). NB! Download button is only visible when user is logged in to Loquiz, this button is not visible in results link shared with client.

7. Chat

This screen shows chat messages and allows for logged in user to post chat messages to events.


Sharing results

There are several ways to share results links to instructors, spectators and players.

1. Send a link

Link to results table is available in Loquiz PRO. Link stays active even after the game and results are accessible even after the event is closed. You should send Game info link to instructor and results table link to players or spectators.

2. Put a link into Welcome text in a game

Links in welcome/info texts are opened during a game in a browser inside Loquiz. So if you want to make the results available during the game to all players paste the link into the welcome text box.

3. Put a link into Finish text in a game

Link in a finish text are opened in outside browser. So If you want to give an easy way for players to access the results after the game put the link into the finish text box. This will open in device default browser.

Make sure you close your event after the game so nobody can start the game again. Go to → events to close (deactivate) the event.

See also tutorial video: