Chat functionality allows for all teams to send text messages to all teams (default) and to specific teams within an event.

Activating chat functionality

To activate chat functionality tick “Allow chatting” in Game Configure page within Game wizard. Now all the events running this game will have chat functionality activated for the players.

Using chat while playing

To send a chat to all teams click the chat bubble, type in a message and click send. All teams and web-based chat feed will receive the message.

To send a chat to specific team type in @teamname:yourmessage.  This will send the message to defined team only. Shorthand to do that is to click a team name in the chat list and type in the message.

Remember that while your private messages do not show on everybody’s  device they will be visible in Loquiz PRO. So they are kind of private in a game, but not really private.

Chat feed online and administrator messages

To send administrator messages to all teams you need to log at and go to the results pages of specific event. You now have the possibility to send messages to all teams as well as delete unwanted messages from public list.

Chat functionality relies on internet connection. Your messages might not be delivered if internet connection is not present