New result page is still in beta in April 2021 but you can test it. To access to the page please open your Loquiz game:

What is new?

New results page is visually renewed, also we added here new functionality.

On the subpages like Standings, Answers, Photowall shorting by teams, by players, by answers is quicker, visually better understandable because of different Team colors (given automatically by system). One example:

New results page is good to use in mobile devices.

New photo wall (beta)

In Photowall (beta) you will find better slideshow options, filters for tasks and teams and also sorting options.

After clicking on a media it is also possible to add bonus points to the photos and videos (logged in users only) to award specific team(s). Bonus points will be added to the team(s) score that they got for making the photo/video. Bonus points are added to the total score. There is no limit on how big or small (negative) the bonus points can be. Bonus points can be changed at any time. Keep in mind that the added bonus points will not receive a notification message about the bonus. Bonus points are added to the total score. 

You can download photos in original quality one by one by clicking on a photo or you can download filtered photos at once (the download button is at the bottom of thumbnail view). If there are many photos and videos it is worth downloading them in parts.

Data download

From the results subpages like Standings, Answer and Photowall is possible to download data to the xlsx table. After that it is possible to sort every column by Team name, time, score or other data.

Playing  a game and using Team mode (Multiple devices per team (beta)) feature very often people play the game with several persons in Team. Download the results to xlsx. table allow you to see Team and Team members results, all important data is in separate column- easy to sort and analyze. Example from new result page: 

NEW: ata the Answers subpage download you can find each Task results from the separate sheet. It makes easy to analyze Team by Team and Task by Task. Example:

Chat is available only in New result page!