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Virtual Team Race

A series of activities that require team participants to communicate and share information to succeed. Each challenge has a time limit. The faster the team can answer them, the more points they have. It is fun, creative and highly engaging. Elements of the game: Storyboard - team members have different parts of a story. They

Plastic Mission Impossible

Virtual Event

Do you want to save whales from plastic? Play this game and learn how. In 2034, a pregnant whale was sighted dying of plastic. The exact location of the whale is not clear. Luckily, a small piece of plastic has been recovered that traces back the location of the whale. Kerosene is in short supply,

Battle Bingo: Home Edition

Virtual Event

Welcome to Battle Bingo Home Edition! You are about to participate in a smart and quick game show to win prizes by solving fantastic visual puzzles. The game’s idea is to have a lot of fun like in-game shows while playing from multiple remote locations. The game fits various group types – companies, families, individual