5 resources for interesting questions for team building games

May 6, 2015 - 2 minutes read

How many puzzle questions do you know by heart? Below you will find 5 good websites to add something new into your selection of questions for team building games.  Also, these might give you the inspiration to create some of your own original puzzles, brainteasers, riddles, or even lateral thinking questions.Previously we have discussed how to create quality questions for team building games and scavenger hunts. With some experience, making up fact questions is  fairly easy. Also, composing the best questions of all- location based questions about surroundings, buildings, people, or nature is quite simple.
But thinking out original logic or math puzzles like this car one below is a much harder task.


It is good to have a few websites up your sleeve to use when you want to present more difficult questions for team building games.

1 ) One of our favorites is http://www.folj.com which focuses on lateral thinking puzzles. Lateral thinking is a creative way of solving problems. There may even be multiple correct solutions to lateral thinking questions. For example, like this bus puzzle, The term”lateral thinking” was suggested in 1967 by Edward de Bono.

2) Another excellent site for questions that get teams to use their problem solving skills is Brain Bashers. See their All time top 10 puzzle questions

3) http://goodriddlesnow.com/hard-riddles claims to have some of the world’s hardest riddles. You can find some math and poetic ones there also. For example, What building has the most stories? : )

4) Indiabix claims to have largest collection of questions with answers for various interview and entrance exams preparation. Some math and logic puzzles are pretty good.

5) Brainden has nice content like “Einsteins riddle” and kudos for a nice looking website!

We hope that you find some good questions to use and also inspiration to compose some clever puzzle questions for team building games you create. Share your favorite puzzle question in the comments and we might add it into the Question Library inside Loquiz. ; )

You might also be interested in our blog post with an overview of 5 resources for team building exercises and icebreakers.

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