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Give different amounts of points according to the distance

A group of people running with their tablet, and a Loquiz logic with the odometer

Let’s imagine this situation:

“You have 20 minutes to cover as much distance as you can.

The more you run, the more you get points.

Let’s go!”

How’s that possible using Loquiz? I’m going to show you a Creator logic that allows you to give different amounts of points according to the walking distance.

For this, we’ll use the odometer. This feature simply measures the player’s distance based on the GPS location.

A loquiz block: The odometer

Step 1: Define the starting point

First of all, we need a task that will define the starting point. This task can either appear on the map or open itself, following logic.

Open or show a task on the map

Let’s take the second option, from the map. Let’s imagine that every player starts running from the same location.

Step 2: Create (many) tasks for each distance

Before we go into the logic, I’m going to create tasks that would appear at the end of the running session.

Edit task panel

Then I’m going to duplicate this task, putting different distances and points.

To duplicate, you can go to the “1. TASKS” part of your game (bottom menu). Select the task, and click on “Create copies” as in the following screenshot:

Create copies of the task

Consequently, I’m going to edit them one by one, with different points and distances.

Each task for each distance

Then I add them to my game. Notice the first starting task.

Let's add the task

Okay, now it’s time to start building our logic!

Step 3: The Loquiz Creator logic to add points according to the distance

Using these tasks, we can build the logic that will allow us what we want to achieve in this article:

Let’s put these blocks first: It will trigger our logic 20 minutes (1200 seconds) after the starting point task.

First logic: Putting a timer

And now we can add a condition that allows us to open the task when:

  • The timer is over 20 minutes
  • AND the odometer is over 1000 meters (3281 feet)

Now we add the odometer in the Loquiz logic

From there, we can do the same for all the next distance.

The logic. It's not full as it needs something else.

That’s a nice logic, isn’t it? And yet, there’s an issue.

Can you find the problem? I let you search a bit.

The issue is:

If the player walks more than 1000 meters, they will have more than one task that opens. For instance, if they walk 3000 meters (9843 feet), tasks 2; 3; 4; 5; and 6 will open one after another.

That’s not something we want.

But I have a little trick to overcome this; check it out:

We add some logic to make the whole logic run well.

I added this part. It means “As long as we didn’t walk for more than 1500 meters (4921 feet), task 2 will open after 1000 meters (3281 feet).

So we can repeat all the other steps (except the last one):

The full actual logic.
And this is the final logic! Feel free to use the same logic as much as you wish in your game.
A picture of people running while playing with their tablet.

One last word

Sometimes, simple ideas need a few blocks to make them possible. However, with Loquiz, almost all simple ideas can be made possible if find the right trick using these blocks.

It needs a bit of patience to succeed in creating the right logic. However, you can also ask around. Indeed, you can send me a message or book a demo with me, if you have a logic in your mind that you want to adapt into Loquiz logic.

I’ll be delighted to help you out! 😄

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