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Let your client create quiz questions: Collaborators feature

A screenshot showing the collaborator page of Loquiz

Let your client create quiz tasks without them accessing your account.

Let’s say, you face the following situation:

Your client wants custom questions. Ideally, they can directly use the Loquiz platform and add their tasks.

However, this implies that they have access to your whole content. It’s not ideal as other games are for many different clients. Moreover, some of the games might be under a non-disclosure agreement with other companies. So how do we do?

A Loquiz character wondering about puzzle pieces

The collaborator feature is what you need, in this situation!

What does the Collaborator space look like?

I’ve generated a public link. From there, you can try it and add your own quiz task.

It gives you or your client an interface like this:

A screenshot of the collaborator page
Feel free to go there and write down your own quiz question!

As you can see, they can add tasks, edit them, and publish them in your account. And at the same time, they have no access at all to your account’s content.

How do I set up the Collaborator Link?

Go to the top right menu. Then choose “Manage collaborators”.

A screenshot of the Loquiz menu

Then you’ll have a list like this:

A screenshot of the list of collaborators for Loquiz

And here you have a page with a list! Yours might be empty.

So it’s time to add a new Collaborators Space for you.

Click on “New”

"New" button
Not this one, but the one on your Loquiz account!!
Edit collaborator's pop-up window

Add the person’s name (or their company).

Then enter a tag: A simple word related to your client. The tag won’t be visible to them.

Lastly, change the language and add a message to your collaborator if needed!

It’s ready. If you want to access it, you need to click on this link:

Where to click to open the collaborator page

You can share the same link with your client.

Et voilà!

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