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Escape IN awarded city adventure game – Bring Your Game On worldwide series!

Take a look on games around the world that different event, team building, tour, and adventure companies are running. In “Bring your game on!” video presentation series we will take a look at some of the most intriguing, profitable, and fun game products introduced by the companies.

In this presentation, Pedro from Mapa Zero talks about the Escape IN awarded city adventure game.

Favourite feature of the game: share screen to team members and team tracks.

Interested in this game? Contact:

Pedro Pinho +351 916 148 473


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The Escape IN is the brand of the main brand that we have. We are 15 games in nine cities all around Portugal. All the games are completely different, the storylines are different and the riddles, the challenges are different.

1 What is Escape in Game?

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00:05 – 00:23

Speaker 1

So hello. We are here today with Pedro from Escape in Game and he’s going to introduce us what the game is about and why it’s really amazing. So the floor is yours. Thank you for joining us here today.

00:24 – 01:02

Speaker 2

Well, thank you for having me, Liisa, and thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do in Portugal, this country, in sunshine and beautiful day that is outside. And it is really big for, let’s say about that. And the Sapin is the brand of the main brand that we have. And we just started like a couple of years ago and we are growing the games and the experience because it is neat to see as well would be degrees or as a team building as well as the final consumer to find the clients and the.

01:03 – 01:45

Speaker 2

Well, let me show you a presentation so we can go from that point onwards and try to follow up and apologize in advance. That is in Portuguese. But I’m going to try my best to try to still say that the English. Okay, so like we said, like I said sorry. And we, we were already 20, 22, the main brand being my presenter that is in the market since 2002. So we have a lot of experience really games and we love Escape Room, so why not changing the city scene and the bigger the escape room.

01:45 – 02:26

Speaker 2

So we changed this city to do our state game. So how our games are 100% outdoors and it has a lot of benefits because he plays a team and he plays team. You have to you need to share information. So communication is one big skill and because it’s fun and is a game is not the tour. These are games people will have a mission will meet to solve problems that could be some kind of physical or intellectual and they will walk through the city. So we all the participants will know us from a different perspective, from a perspective of a game.

02:26 – 03:03

Speaker 2

There is a storyline, there’s a villain that as a hero, and the participants are inside of the story since the beginning. And so they are our main target are man or woman between the 20 to 35 years old. And that’s for the final consumers and the companies. They can range the age from 20 to 65 and we don’t have any limitation on space because we use the cities for our games. So that’s a plus.

03:05 – 03:40

Speaker 2

They are our games are completely independent. So anybody that buy a game from our website can start playing 5 seconds after because they receive everything on their email, all the information, all of their credentials from the game. And we have a help line that is 24 seven available. So if anyone has a problem, they can call us, they can WhatsApp us, they can email us, which is that would be proximity to the A client. And that’s gives us a lot of confidence on the client and which is a good thing for us.

03:41 – 04:14

Speaker 2

We are 15 games in nine cities all around Portugal, so we are from the north to the south of Berkshire. So people can experience different games. All the games are completely different, the storylines are different, the riddles, the challenge are different. So it’s like a new gaming, you see, because we use the city, the city stories and all the good, the metaphors that the city have, all the secrets that the city have.

04:14 – 04:37

Speaker 2

So we drew from that in the game and we are planning to expand the living more to Nevada, for instance, which is a very tourist site and now is awesome, awesome mystery and free to the countryside as well because the people are asking if we have games on that area virtual, which for us is amazing because the feedback is being excellent positive.

04:38 – 05:19

Speaker 2

Our games are in Portuguese, but we also have English in French and Spanish because these are the main language, not from the tourists and the many locals that arrive in Portugal. So we don’t want to exclude anyone, we want to include everybody. So we have all our games to read to, for this, for language. And we have some partnerships, for instance, with a which was amazing and she amazing for us because we are in the network of other concepts from other countries and we have been learning a lot and we have been sharing our, our, our knowledge as well, which is a great network.

05:19 – 05:41

Speaker 2

And on top of that, we are in the city as well in. And if the pandemic was a very good concept and it still is, because sometimes it is raining and people do have a little bit of fun as well, as well as in the building as in front of the. But we have this kind of options, which is a good thing.

2 Liesman and partner

Tags: Liesman, team building, Partner, Participant, Client, Game, City

05:42 – 06:28

Speaker 2

Some of our partners in our games are all spread around or around the country, and what we want to do to the participants is a full experience, which means that in each game we try to have a surprise for them and the guests are not surprised. If they go to wins, then they will have something that is very characteristic of Liesman in the middle of the game, completely free that one of our partners offering support is a completely different thing and in each city they will experience something very unique for that city and it’s completely free to think so for our partners.

06:28 – 07:04

Speaker 2

And we have also a very social responsibility. So we partner since day one with from We the Run the McDonald’s Children Foundation. So 10% of our games that we sell give that 10% for this foundation because we want to help someone in need. And this kind is children. So is something that we always aimed for and it’s been with us since the beginning and we are really proud of them.

07:06 – 08:04

Speaker 2

And so these are the numbers from last year. So April last year. So until April last year, we already have far more than 4000 clients that experience our games. I can tell you that we almost triple this number by today and that goes from team building to the final customer. So we are gathering all that information. Obviously, this chart, these projections for 2021, which may go as planned, I can tell you that was slightly better. And the projection for this year is doing is going really well. So we’re aiming for the end of 2020 to reach at least 20,000 people by the end of the year. And that’s from B to C as well for me to be.

3 Tour, storyline and client

Tags: Tour, Competition, team building, storyline, Game, presentation, Client, Intention, Mission, Communication

08:06 – 08:49

Speaker 2

We we have some kind of when I say they’re not rivals, but companies that do similar things. But there’s one thing that these this is very unique of us that we do sell and we do advertise that our experience is again and is not the tour and our other business. They do it as a tour, which is not our intention. Our intention is to fulfil as a game which has a scoring board which we we like a competition between teams and that’s what we want to present and that’s what we present.

08:51 – 09:39

Speaker 2

And there are some photos of people that have been doing arias from the final costumers as well as our team building games. And if you notice that we do, we customize all our games for our business. So we feel that in building our games customized for the clients from the image, from some storylines are directed for matching their mission, their values and what they want to work with this communication system more continually. So we add to their the storyline of the game so we can match what the designer of the client wants to work, which strong skills they want for.

09:40 – 10:00

Speaker 2

So this is our team and things growing, which is a great thing. So this is our presentation. So always, if you want to ask any questions, I think I cover everything like in a very general point of view. But nevertheless, I mean, I could talk for hours, but not that long.

4 What is your favorite task in the game?

Tags: Game, Prize, presentation, monument, Competition, storyline, Portugal, task, Award, Lisbon, the Nationals, concept, Photo, Connection, Partner, instance, City, Number

10:02 – 10:12

Speaker 1

Well. Okay. Thank you for the presentation. I have a few extra questions, if you don’t mind.

10:13 – 10:13

Speaker 2

Not at all.

10:14 – 10:22

Speaker 1

What is your favorite task in the game? Can you recall any words you like yourself in now?

10:23 – 11:18

Speaker 2

Is that that’s very, very difficult because that depends on the game. But first, there’s a couple of there’s two games. One importantly, one in Lisbon that there’s a very specific task. There’s a revolt in the middle of the game. And then the storyline continues and further ahead in the different part of the city. We have a different kind of monument in front of us. We ask for them to take a photo with something similar that they found on the on the river like two days ago. And when they figure out how to do that, that’s a good thing for us to realize. Oh, wait, we saw this, we read about this. So the connection that we do from one place to another to another one is they start to realize everything is connected.

11:18 – 11:40

Speaker 2

So and that’s the point on these two specific games that we do it a lot, which we do because we, we go alongside the teams so we can see on their eyes, we can see their reaction. And that’s so fulfilling to see that they are getting the game and they are connecting the dots and everything is connected.

11:40 – 12:11

Speaker 2

So for me, that’s that’s the connection between we go and then our agreement, the photo that the second test is a photo with we the virtual reality. And this is good to see. But like the league of the digital device, we the monuments and we the story. So everything is linked up and seeing the reaction of the people that are playing, you are thinking, this is great for me. The most beautiful part of the game. Mm hmm.

12:12 – 12:20

Speaker 1

Okay. Thank you. Then I know that you have won an award for this game. Can you tell a bit about that?

12:21 – 12:22

Speaker 2

And I was that.

12:23 – 12:30

Speaker 1

Sorry for the prize. I know that you have won an award, our prize for this game. Can you tell a bit about that?

12:31 – 13:09

Speaker 2

That’s true. So last year we were we were invited to participate to the context about tourism in Portugal, and it was divided between north and south of Portugal. So whoever won the north and the south will do the final one, the national one. So we present our games. Ours is a sleeping game. And by that time we we didn’t have as many games that we have now, but the concept was the same. So we won the first prize in three in the north of Portugal.

13:09 – 13:43

Speaker 2

So we went to the Nationals of course, and we won the Nationals. We ended up, we end up in third place. But in that there was a contest with more than a thousand applying for the invitation. So we won in the north three the 700 not that was the number of project that the war was involved. So we won that one, which was a huge accomplish for us. And ending up in third place nationally is a huge accomplishment of us as well.

13:43 – 14:10

Speaker 2

Which year, which we have a lot of partners after that, for instance, that and a lot of clients that we came into made it happen after we show our potential and you have that they saw the potential of our games. So it was a very good one. So that and that make it make us more motivated to keep working it keep excelling ourselves.

14:11 – 14:18

Speaker 1

That sounds like a really tight competition and great recognition, actually. So those were the insight.

5 Are there any features which help to make this game happen?

Tags: Game, team building, VIDEO, feature, feedback, Device, presentation

14:19 – 14:34

Speaker 1

And my final question is that if you think about your quiz as a product, are there any features which help to make this game happen, which you think could benefit the game a lot? Marquis features then.

14:35 – 15:19

Speaker 2

Yes. There is one that we use a lot, which is the the screen, the mirror, the screen for a further device. I don’t know if I’m seeing the right feature, but the one that we can have, we can add other players to the same team so we can mirror this thing, which is really good as a team, really, because we can actually make them work and and wait and communicate before answer the question. And because it prevents to have like a team of five or team or four looking to one device, they can share information through other device.

15:19 – 15:58

Speaker 2

And I think that features is really, really good. And you help us a lot. The shop is great because you can we have a lot of games that we force them to use the shop between teams to share information, which is a good one as well, and the music and the tracks because when we have a lot of a lot of teams, we do this, we do games with different tracks so we can spread them and they don’t go. They don’t follow one game after another one. So we use all of those features in our team games, which is really, really useful.

15:58 – 16:22

Speaker 1

Hmm. Okay. Thank you for the feedback and anyone viewing this video and who is interested in contacting you to play the game or discuss about the business case. You have hope that coach and they reach out. We will put the contact details into the video description also about how they can reach you.

16:23 – 16:50

Speaker 2

So they can they can email or they can email me through the marketing apps map for 0.15. So the direct email for me. So any questions, any doubts, any information, by all means, please email me. That is the more direct way to reach me. Okay.

16:51 – 17:19

Speaker 1

But that’s it for today. I’m really grateful for the presentation that you could showing out in us today for this bring your game on serious point of ways where we introduce games around the world from different countries for tourists, for team building, for each other. And just stay tuned for our next videos. Thank you and bye bye.

17:19 – 17:20

Speaker 2

Thank you.

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