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Gamifying a Tour? Yes, and here is an example from Paris


Loquiz is basically a gamification app. But do you know that you can gamify your tour? Here is how with the example of Paris. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Simply download Loquiz on iOS or Play Store for free
  2. Scan the following QR code to start the game immediately (do NOT exit the Loquiz app):
  3. Optionnal: Take a plane ticket to go to Paris and try the app out ✈️

Yes, step 3 is optional, because you can also test the tour from your own home, thousands of kilometers away from the capital city of France. Rather than going on the different points of interest, you can also open the tasks.

However, there is an advantage if you’re on spot… Let’s deal with it later.

Let’s talk about the gamified side of the tour.

Loquiz offers you the possibility to add gamification in your tour

On any tour app, you will often have points of interest with different locations. You go there, you get information and that’s it.

Lina is looking for something

Using Loquiz, you can add some quizzes and some global rankings. By adding such an entertaining incentive, the visitors will be way more engaged to discover the differents gems of the city they are visiting.

And this is actually the point of the gamified tour that you can try:


In this game, you can discover the different gems of Paris. A gem is a point of interest. That can be a museum, a famous street, a restaurant for instance.

Each gem has a question.

You can earn points by answering correctly the questions.

The rarer is the gem, the higher are the points you can get.

Now, let me tell you what would be the advantage of being on site. Many tasks can easily be answered if you’re present locally. Take this one, for example, in the Villa Léandre.

Screenshot of the Villa Léandre

But the main reason lies in something quite exclusive for this game:

The GEMPARIS Tour App will make you discover…

The ruins of a Roman temple of Goddess Diana.

Somewhere near Paris.

Diana Goddess
Source: Wikipedia

Yes, you read it. There is a location of such a divine place. It’s not exactly in Paris, but it’s located in its suburb.

Its location is hidden. You can only see it if you succeed in one of the 21 tasks. However, if you go to this place, you will earn a lot of points. Thus, you will immediately reach the top of the global ranking.

And this location is only known by the locals. No media have described it yet, as it’s quite hidden. However, I am myself one of these locals from the Parisian suburb.

I’ve been born in a town not so far from this temple’s ruins. And I’ve lived there for 20 years. This is why I enjoy giving you the challenge to find this place 😇

If you succeed in reaching this place, please let me know!

Now, do you see how I added gamification? I add some quizzes, some challenges, a highscore. But I especially added a mysterious goal, that only the most engaged can reach.

Feel free to inspire yourself from the GEMPARIS Tour to build your own tour in your city.

If you own a Free Trial Account, you can already have access to all the data of the game and modify it yourself. Soon I will put a video explaining how you can set it up.

Screenshot of the template GEMPARIS Tour

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