Upcoming changes

We have some changes coming up in a week that will slightly affect the way you, as an experienced Loquiz game creator, work as well.

The most important changes are connected to the way you create new games. Namely Creator, the visual game creation tool will become the main tool to create games within Loquiz. When you log in to Loquiz, refresh your web browser to make Creator work as supposed to!

If you have not tried Creator before, then this video will give you an overview how to get started.

In case you already have been working with Creato before, the main change is that it is now easier to find. It is the default way to create new games and you can find it on top of templates page.

In case you have not been using the visual programming interface within Loquiz, then now it is time to get ready as it will be available to all users. That will open up a lot of possibilities for you.

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Check out Creator beginner, intermediate and advanced examples.

The game templates will still be available as well, but with slight changes. Blank templates will be called special tools and will still include the quick way to create Quiz, Rogain, Clue, Match and Scavenger type of games.

The new special tool called “Tour” is available for testing, so let us know if you want that.

Game concepts are clearly differentiated into paid and free, so it is easier for you to grasp what is what and make your plans for development.

The changes will be rolled out on 11th of May.

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