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The 24 minutes of Loquiz game is out now!

As we promised in the previous article, we just released the 24 minutes of Loquiz game in the Games Market. So, this happened right after the Virtual 24 hours of Le Mans happened.

The 24 minutes of Loquiz made real

The 24 minutes of Loquiz, what are they?

The 24 minutes of Loquiz consists of an endurance race, where you have to keep running for 24 minutes! Besides, you need to answer question by question until the end of the time.

The “points” are simply replaced by the “laps”. In the end, the ranking will be determined by the team’s number of laps.

Moreover, you can add yourself a black flag rule. Indeed, you can add a restriction (e.g. people can’t run, teams must stick together). If one team doesn’t respect it, then a facilitator can stop the team and provide them a “black flag” like in real racing: the team has to stop for a given time.

How to get started with the 24 minutes of Loquiz already?

You can already start building your game by going in the games market.

24 minutes of Loquiz in the game market

When you start setting up the game, it will look like this. If you’re familiar enough with Loquiz, you will notice that it is based on the “Scavenger editor”.

Building the 24 minutes of Loquiz

You can notice the racetrack’s overlay picture that looks like a circle. I choose this shape because you can fit it in any field. However, if you have photo editing skills, I would then warmly encourage you to create your own overlay picture.

Here is an example of a different shape. We played this game in the middle of a residential area.

An example of 24 minutes of Loquiz

I would gladly invite you to try this game now 😊

If you have any questions about setting up the game, you can simply contact me.

And if you don’t have a Loquiz account yet, you should try it for free right here.

What about the actual Virtual Le Mans?

Besides, you might be curious about the outcome of the Virtual Le Mans. Actually, it turned out to be way more entertaining than people would imagine. Yes, it is possible to bring something full of emotion and attraction just with virtual.

You can make yourself an idea of the event by watching the following video:

For the next weekend, there will be an unofficial virtual 24 hours Le Mans race.

Indeed, it will take place on a different platform: iRacing.

Our partner, EPRT team, will be competing using a (virtual) Acura ARX-03. In the name of Loquiz, we wish them the best performance and reliability for this amazing race 🙌

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