Virtual Le Mans made real with Loquiz, the 13th of June!

Soon the 24 minutes of Loquiz

The 13th of June 2020 would have been the actual 24 hours of Le Mans. However, the coronavirus crisis changed the whole situation. Instead, the organizer came up with… The Virtual Le Mans!

And on this day, we, Loquiz, plan something big.

We are going to release the 24 minutes of Loquiz game, on the Games Market:

24 minutes of Loquiz screenshot, do your own Virtual Le Mans made real

Some history first

Before we dig into details of this new game; let’s talk about history. The game itself is inspired by the 24 hours of Le Mans.

The 24 hours of Le Mans is one of the most prestigious races in history. Over 24 hours, 60 cars try to perform the longest distance.

Le Mans Classic

This year is the 88th yearly edition, already. However, the coronavirus came to change the plans. Indeed, such a legendary race gather around 270’000 fans from all over the world. With the distancing rules, this would be impossible to respect.

Therefore, the actual race was postponed to September. But the organizer (the ACO) came up with a great idea! With the rise of virtual endurance racing, they will host the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours.

It will simply consists in the same race, recreated with a video game. Drivers will play from their home.

A World Premiere: Virtual Le Mans on 13/14th June

The Virtual Le Mans, how Loquiz will celebrate it?

How? Let’s give some background first:

Some months ago, I told you about a game idea that I was enjoying developing myself. Over time, my colleague Linda and I kept the development going. We would also perform some test, fine-tune the whole game, so it would be ready for the Games Market.

The 24 minutes of Loquiz.

The 24 minutes of Loquiz, where you can have a virtual Le Mans made real

This game is a way to recreate the Le Mans spirit, in an outdoor game, over 24 minutes.

You can play this with your colleagues, with your family, for your clients.

And it will be officially released the 13th of June, the day of the start of the Virtual Le Mans 24 hours!

I’m a little bit emotional (in a good sense) about this news. Since my childhood, I’m an avid fan of the 24 hours of Le Mans. I almost never missed an edition on the TV, or on the actual racetrack

Well, “almost”, because I was bitter that Audi would win every edition from 2000 to 2014. On the year 2009, I did not watch. And guess what… My favorite team, Peugeot won this edition 😅

I also remember the 2016 edition. I was present on the racetrack. Finally, Toyota was leading and would win after 19th attempts as the favorite team, after a series of abysmal bad luck.

After 23 hours and 56 minutes of racing, the leading Toyota car simply lost performance due to a mechanical failure, letting Porsche claiming the victory over the very last lap.

Sadness over Toyota's dismay
Source: Eurosport

People around me were shouting of stupefaction, of despair. I was paralyzed by the sad surprise 😭

You could hear French or Japanese speakers on these videos, literally shouting over their mic, crying live. Don’t turn on the sound, if you are as sensitive as I am.

A lot of emotion from an endurance race

Well, these are quite a lot of emotion, resulting from a famous endurance race, right?

Loquiz gives you the opportunity to organize a similar race, in 24 minutes, as an outdoor game.

On this day, the 24 minutes of Loquiz will be officially made available! If you have a Loquiz license, you will be able to create your own 24 minutes game at your own location, with your own virtual racetrack.

People will have to run 24 minutes around a racetrack, answering the maximum number of questions in order to move on.

24 minutes of Loquiz logo

And just like in the real race, there will be the black flag: If one team is caught red-handed cheating, they will have a stop-and-go penalty.

Loquiz is also supporting a virtual racing team

While we are talking about Virtual Le Mans, I want to tell about our favorite e-motorsport team.

Loquiz is supporting EPRT, a.k.a. E-Sport Performance Racing Team (non-financially). This is a French team reuniting several of the most brilliant virtual drivers. They mainly drive virtual endurance racing on the game iRacing.

Acura with Loquiz logo, for the Virtual Le Mans

Unfortunately, the team won’t be competing with the actual Virtual Le Mans, for the 13th of September.

However, a virtual race can be replicated as much as you want, thanks to the joy of technology. So that there will be unofficial Virtual Le Mans 24 hours. Indeed, one will take place on the 20th of June.

We will then provide more information afterwards.

EPRT will be present with 4 different cars in 3 different categories, as following:

BMW M8 (GTE category)


Acura ARX-03 (LMP2 category)

Porsche 911 RSR (GTE category)

Porsche 911 RSR

Porsche 919 (LMP1 category)

Porsche 919

I give you a little challenge: Try to spot all the “Loquiz” logos on each of these cars. 🙌 (click on the pictures to get a better definition).

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