4 reasons why you want to start using our new photowall

The “Results” and “Photos and Videos” tab got a new, additional appearance. It’s located under the Photowall (beta) button.

But why Loquiz even moved on with the change? We believe every game deserves to have a great conclusion. Therefore, we contributed to the development of a stronger, more convenient and more effective photo wall. To clarify, let us count the new ways of how the photo wall functions now. Here are four:

1. Full-screen photo/ video viewing and automatic slideshow option with the photowall

Besides sharpened and high-quality visuals that will deliver great after-game viewing and impressions sharing experience, we stepped further and automated the process. Moreover, instructors can now press the play button, sit back and relax while after-reviewing the photos and images with players!

2. Photo/ video downloading in results link (and without having a PRO account). 

When you, as an instructor, decide to allow the players to choose what images they will download, go for the option of sharing the results link and let the players do the downloading. In other words, it will save the instructors’ time and space of the hard drive. 

Here’s is a short into to how to share the results with your players: https://loquiz.com/2018/06/29/sharing-game-results-to-clients/

3. Downloading selected photos only through the new photowall

Just choose the highlights of your event and download the images individually without occupying your drive with the full package of media.

4. Multiple PRO users (instructors) accessing and editing the photo/ video scores at a time. 

Several instructors can insert the bonuses and edit the photo wall without overwriting or loosing inserted data. 

Also, it’s important to know that you can now add bonus points for images only through the new Photo Wall.

NB! The photo wall is in beta and there will be several new opportunities added in the upcoming months. Certainly, we would be glad over you testing the updated Photo Wall and share us your experience and use cases to hedi@loquiz.com

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