The new look of the dashboard

Meet our brand new dashboard! We’ve taken the path of simplifying our platform and bringing the shortcuts to your dashboard for quicker game setup. 

Without further ado, here is what we modified: 

  • Instead of your account’s data, you can find the shortcuts to your recent games and instant task or game setup. Therefore, if you want to resume your template, you were working with the last (actually the last five ones), then just find them on your dashboard. Also, inviting your colleagues or collaborators to your account got just easier as the invite button is included on the dashboard. 
  • The info on your team credit balance has moved to the account’s menu -> Billing. 
  • Your task library is now combined with your other libraries. That said, no copying from one library to another is needed anymore. If you still want to separate one library from another, use the newly added “Collection” filter for that. 
  • Also, once you have your game ready, the info with login credentials and the results’ link will arrive in your email (only to the game creator’s one). That allows you to share the game starting essentials with players or collaborators in a more convenient way. If you want to disable this feature, you can proceed with it under “My Settings”.

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