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Game Templates system

There is a new way of how you can start creating your games. Meet Game Templates.

Now when you start to create a new game you have two options-
a) use one of your own templates
b) build something out from the scratch from rogain, quiz, clue, scavenger, match or strategy

Create your own templates

The biggest change is that you can create your own templates out from your games. The main benefit is that upon client request you are able to set up the game more speedily starting with a template. It allows you to have your portfolio of game products ready for action. Just like cookie cutters : )

To make a template, open a game and hit “Make template”:

On Template’s configure page in addition to regular game settings you can write Template settings:
About template. This should include info about game location (if it has a location), content, special precautions,
Notes for the instructor. This includes how to brief and run the game, perhaps a link to the additional props checklist.

You can save a template midway when it is half-built. Also, you can save a template without assigning location pins on the map! So when you use template to set up the game to a new location you don’t have to spend time on deleting or changing locations.

Create games from templates

To create a game out from a template, just hit the template name and “Create game”.
When you later change the template, changes will not affect already created games, only the ones you will create after making changes.

What you have to do next?

There are no immediate actions required from you.

However, notice that when you now edit or clone a game you can not change the game type. For example rogain to a quiz, scavenger to rogain etc. When you need to use a certain set of questions in another game type sort out questions used in a certain game.

Generally, everything starts with creating a game from a template or new game- including choosing tasks for the game.

As the next step think through which of your game products are template worthy and create your templates.


Some examples of game product templates you could create are a Photohunt- set of photo and augmented photo tasks with game rules but without locations- something you can set up anywhere, any time.
Or games set up to the main holiday resorts you conduct games.

Template with FILL OUT tasks for client-specific questions.

You can have even tasks which are needed to be filled out to create client-specific questions. For example photo task with text:

**FILL OUT!** Take a picture representing the spirit of COMPANY NAME?

It makes sense to tag such tasks with a tag you create “clientspecific fill” “client template” etc.

Once you edit this task within a game and “save as copy” then the one with FILL OUT field is replaced already with client-specific one.

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