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The Aztec Pyramid: New Escape Game idea

Pyramid of the Aztec Gods

Here is a new Escape Game that I created with Loquiz, based on Aztec Mythology.

And I will tell you how I came up with this idea.

As game creators, we always strive for the most attractive game for our clients.

This can be understandable: when we have an overview of what each event company offers, we find a lot of similar games. However, you need to provide something different, to get higher attractiveness than your competitors.

In order to provide something different, you can use a universe to attach to. It turns out to be easy if you start browsing within your passions.

In this article, I was sharing with you my vibrant passion for the 24 hours of Le Mans. Now, I will share with you my passion for Aztec mythology!

Escape Game idea: The Pyramid of the Numerous Aztec Gods

You are a group of adventurous archaeologists. You succeeded to access an Aztec Pyramid, located somewhere in Mexico. Nobody would imagine that its vault would become accessible.

But this was a terrible mistake.

The numerous Aztec Gods are infuriated by your presence. They will lock you forever in this place… Unless you convince them one by one.
It might be challenging because they are numerous.

Look at the following screenshot, the players can go directly where each God is standing, waiting to provide the riddle (and their individual approval).

Aztec game

Sounds easy? Not really; some of them want you to solve really tricky riddles to let you out.

And the game will become even more difficult. You have several levels of gods. The first level will seem challenging. But the next levels can become a nightmare… Unless players decide to cooperate for their survival ????

Note: you can set-up the number of levels. Each level has its own number of Gods, that you also set up.
Let’s say, you want your group to solve 21 questions.
Then you can put 3 levels, and 7 Gods per each level.

Here are 3 examples of riddle given by these Gods.

Please note that players can go back to the task until you answer correctly.

And now, let’s say that a team succeeded to collect all the Gods’ approvals, including Huitzilopochtli, father of the Aztecs! Incredible!

Then what happens next?

Their game companion, their tablets will indicate them the exit of the pyramid. As simple as that. It means that all the teams getting unanimous approval from the numerous Aztec Gods will end up at the same point.

(do not pay attention to the overlay sentence into brackets, it is just aimed to intimidate the players throughout the game ????)


So, here is one of my game idea that I like to share ????

I would be delighted if you decided to gather inspiration from this article. You can make the same Escape game, or similar game using exotic mythology.

In this way, you get the ability to bring something else than a regular Scavenger game, or else than just an outdoor game on tablets for your clients.


On a side note, I advise you to read this 754 pages book.

“Aztec” by Gary JENNINGS

Through vivid storytelling of one Aztec scribe’s life, the author teaches you everything about Aztec’s way of life and mythology.

This provided me the precious inspiration to create this game.

Image result for azteca book first edition

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