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Multiple screens within a team

In some games it is crucial to show the team a progress of other teams. It might be to create a sense of urgency – look how others are doing, or to foster cooperation – together we need to reach this amount of points or something else. 

This is where one not so well known principles of Loquiz comes into play.

Loquiz is meant to be played on multiple screens.

There is a main screen that runs Loquiz application, i.e. the whole game, but then there can be screens that you can access in the web with any device. So even if there is one tablet per team, the team members can use their own mobile browsers to get an  additional insight – like follow other teams etc.

This is how to do that in Loquiz.

Create a question and a game

Create your game and make the first question of a story. It can say something like this:

Use your own devices to follow the progress of other teams. Just scan the QR-code or enter the URL by hand in your phone.

Make it open as the first question or later in the game if you wish. The interest how others are doing will come later anyway. Give it a location. You do not have the QR yet, so we will be returning back to that question.

Now finish creating the game and create an Event for the game.

Creating an event

As we are going to let players see the result pages, you should make sure you do not show them anything that they should not access. So go to Edit Event->Results and untick everything apart of Results or Progress (whatever you need). Save.

Now still within PRO click on event results to show the results pages. It will show you all because you are logged in (the choice we just made is only applicable for the users not logged in). Go to your desired page (i.e. progress)and copy the full url.

Now there are two things we can do with this. First, find online URL shortener and make the URL short. We will use this short URL if somebody wants to type in the URL by hand. Secondly, find the online QR-code creator and create a QR code out of that URL. Download the image file.  Looks like this  😉

Edit the question

Last bit is now that we need to open the question we created and add the image as a photo and also add the shortened link as a backup.

Now if the question pops up, then anybody from the team can just scan the QR and get an access to this additional functionality on their device. They do not need the  Loquiz app! In newer iPhones the  QR functionality is integrated into a camera (just open the camera and point to the QR), on android there are different approaches that a phone user should know.

He can keep the browser open to see how other teams are doing and inform team-mates about it. More roles and more included people.

How will it look like?

This is how the question  will look like in the Loquiz.

And this how the online progress report looks like in the mobile.

The image from

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