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Creating fresh video tasks for team building games

One of our all time most popular posts has been the one with 100 team tasks. This is  not a  surprise, because all game creators know that  thinking out new content can be a time consuming task and inspiration input is welcomed. So here are few tips to spark your imagination  creating your unique video tasks for team building games .

Following themes create a set of different video task categories to use : )


Give players a dance move to learn and a task to record new skills on video.

You can do it with a gif:

Look at the image and shoot a clip with the WHOLE team doing the sweet dance move in sync!

Or with youtube videos teaching more advanced swirls:

“Chance to dance! Look at the video and learn the dance with your team. Perform it as well  as you can and record a clip. Remember, trying is half of the victory! You have 10 minutes!”


All the exercises where human body is used for bending and trying out work also as well as video tasks.

Is it possible for two people to stand side by side 1 meter apart and both look at the same direction and hold hands so that right hand holds other person’s​ left and left hand holds other person’s right? Shoot a video as proof!

Or let the team perform a somersault : )


These are classic scavenger hunt tasks that acquire next level of awesomeness when translated into video!

-person. Find a man wearing a cowboy hat. Shoot a clip with team members screaming yee-haaw with him!

-object. Find something that is blue and makes a buzzing sound. Shoot video as proof!

-location. Go to the statue of a big bear and let at least one of the team members do two cartwheels in front of it. Other team members encourage him/her by roaring!


Let the  players guess a song and sing a verse from it.

Look at the music video! Its background is muted. What is the song? Sing the  first verse of this song with the team and shoot video as proof!

OR give text clues about the song and let them sing it.

This song was written first in 1965 and was used in James bond movie. Sing its first verse and film it!

Take something simple and add a twist:

Sing the  first verse our national anthem backwards! Make a video clip out of your effort to be patriotic!

Bring out the musical creativity:

Make up songwords about your team spirit and sing it with the tune of Lady Gaga pokerface!


Enable people to come out of their shell- it is permitted during a game. It is common to borrow from the animal kingdom! But just obey the law and don’t end up in the slammer!

Cross the street all team in row like ducklings quacking. And record a video clip of it!

Make monkey sounds while clinging on a tree with the team. Make video as proof!

Think out and take a video of your team’s best one-liner joke about your boss!

Lift one team member to the shoulders of others. Let him/her quote something from the Game of Thrones. Like “Winter is coming”, “I am the mother of dragons….” Night is dark and full of terrors!”  Film it!


Reenact the Titanic film “I’m flying” moment with two team mates on video!

Encourage improvisation by giving short impro situations. This site can come help you to create some really wacky scenarios like:

Shoot a clip team acting out: “Two narcissistic veterinarians first day in a new job aside delivering giraffe”

Shoot your partners reaction to the wrong response to “I love you”!

A scene in a zoo: escaped drooling sloth chasing turtles!


We  all have our strengths and most people are happy to demonstrate. Whether it is pitching a high note, putting a leg behind your neck, funny face, or a statement of accomplishment.

Discuss with the team about each person’s  most unique skill or strength. Shoot a video him/her showing or telling it!


Random acts of kindness caught on film. It can be simple and it doesn’t have to include someone in need. Just be nice.

Let a team mate hi5 a stranger! Shoot video!

Buy a flower and give it to the first person you meet in the  street. Shoot video as proof!

Find a crying kid, make him/her smile with the team!

We hope this gave you some practical creative spark. So, log into Loquiz and enter 3 questions that came into your head and you can use with any client! Also check out Loquiz Public question library for video type of questions as well questions tagged with the  “team”. You can copy them for modification to your own account.

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