Source to gain question ideas – Public library in Loquiz

December 9, 2016 - 1 minute read

Seriously fun games start with good questions. When creating an indoor or outdoor team building game, it is good to bring in a variety of questions and task types. Best games have puzzles that players cannot google, team tasks, photo quests, location specific questions and client specific questions. To get some inspiration considering the first three categories, you can take a peek into Loquiz Public Library. It is a selection of goodies to use in your games or just  to gain ideas. It is a simple way to get started quickly with a fresh game. We have added a bunch of new questions there lately, involving snowmen, secret codes and music.

To access these, just log in to Loquiz, go to questions and click on the  “Public library” tab. (You also see a similar game library under “games”. Make sure to see also the holiday networking game there : ) )

So check them out and also share in the comments below your own favorite tasks.public-library-1600

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