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10 Types of Event Venues That You Will Love – Guest Post

As an event agency one of our core roles is venue finding – we love every kind of venue and we’re always thirsty to find more to add to our database. But here’s 10 types of venue we love and why –



It’s an obvious one but hotels have it all. Not only do they tend to have some of the largest event space they also have the catering, AV and bedrooms all in house this therefore in an event management viewpoint makes it easy. We don’t need to liaise with lots of different suppliers just to create a simple event. Hotels do also come with other plus points such as top notch service; obviously that doesn’t come from every hotel but the majority of 4-5* hotels offer amazing service and there is nothing better than arriving on site to an event where everything is in place just as you asked!

Fine Dining Restaurants

At most banquet halls and ballroom venues, you are forced to go with their food. And don’t be surprised to find a magnificent venue where the food quality is average. If great food is the top priority for your event or you are after a particular type of cuisine, then a fine dining establishment is your way to go. These restaurants are in the business of making great food and providing exceptional service.


Set up in beautiful natural surroundings; imagine a large tent that has been transformed into an picturesque event location. A marquee also allows you to bring that lovely view inside! Starting with a blank canvas, there are also no restrictions on theming and decor.


Let’s face it, who needs lavish decorations when an amber sunset, blooming wildflowers or acres of kelly-green hills can serve as your backdrop? Outdoor event are among my favourite, everyone loves the outdoors on a glorious day. But that does bring me to a big con with an outdoor weather…no one can predict the weather! Especially in the UK, not even a well versed event agency.


Yes events in museums do come with a lot of red tape and can be expensive but if you are looking for a wow factor then this is you go to. In the past we have done events at the V&A when they had their Alexander McQueen exhibit and the client experience there highest turn out in YEARS! If the event is optional you need to spice it up to get the attendees and a varied array of canapes just won’t cut it.


Stadiums are colossal! If you are looking for a venue that hold 1000’s of people then a stadium is one of you best bets. Like a hotel they also tend to have all their own catering and AV as it needs to be specialised to the venue which can make creating such a large event that little bit easier. Stadiums are also great for smaller events with a theme, they always have great spaces which can have the added touch of a stadium tour.

Stately Home

One of my personal favourites, Stately homes are always decorated to the highest standard, opulence and grandeur radiates around you and there is nothing else to do but smile. They add that special touch to any event being surrounded but such history and individuality. I’d say stately homes are best for incentives / retreats and weddings. Something that require that something special as this option of venue never fits in a tight budget.

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Art Galleries

A lot like museums – but still ever changing so you can use them frequently and not be scared of seeing the same thing. A favourite of mine is the Saatchi Gallery this contemporary space is transformed every couple of weeks with new exhibits changing the atmosphere of the rooms.

Purpose built Conference Centres

Although a little dreary sometimes these venues do exactly what they say on the tin. From London’s ETC venues and CCT venues – they are decorated with business in mind and design to make an event curators life easy. From in-built AV and in-house catering they tend to be a little plan Jane but when a space is need for a simple webinar or serious conference they are the go-to.

Club and Bars

In cities like London the opportunities are endless. There are thousands or bars, pubs and clubs to choose from. Whether you want a speakeasy, Dive or rooftop you will find them plentiful. Perfect for those events set for fun and frolic like summer and Christmas parties. As an event agencies we always love throwing in a premium club as a wild card when approached for a bog standard party just to spice things up a little!

I can assure you that the list can go on but these are some of our favourite here at Group Se7en Events. Venue finding can be tiresome but also thrilling – we’d always say to mix it up as much as possible and never fear the logistical side of any venue. Where there’s a will there is way!


Sarah Hill is a professional blogger and creative content writer. She works as a Marketing Manager at Seven Events, a leading event management and event planning agency in London, delivering global meeting and free venue finding service.

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