Favourite features – vol 1- Collaboration

Loquiz enables anyone to create their own scavenger hunts and team-building games. The features list, as you can see in the theme  section, is long. But this time we decided to sincerely ask from our own team members what is their favourite feature. 

Everyone in our team creates and runs their own personal games every now and then because it is just fun! So, in these “Favourite features” series we introduce the opinions of the people in the Loquiz team about the features they find most useful.

“There are many really cool features of Loquiz. But if I really need to mention one – then it is definitely the collaboration feature. This allows really to make each and every event unique and with content that is relevant for the audience. I am using this feature in nearly all events that I am facilitating – and in this way ALL the participants have the opportunity to create their own questions (I give it as mandatory homework at events up to 30 participants – where they all get their personal link). In this way, the content is always relevant for the participants – and even more important – they all take more responsibility for the event themselves.

The collaboration feature is the one that builds the bridge between serious and fun, or between the consulting companies and the event companies. Or in other words to gamify the boring stuff!”


The collaboration feature is useful when you want to engage clients or students. You can have their input for the game without them signing up or seeing other content on your account. This mini “crowdsourcing” gives everyone an opportunity for their personal input, as well as eases the task of creating a large number of questions on your own.

See video and read more about collaborating.


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