User and account management

  • Invite users to your account
  • Assign user different rights (owner, admin, full, limited, deactivated)
  • Participate in several accounts
  • Invite collaborators
    • can add questions to your account
    • no access to other content
    • no need to log in to add question (weblink that can be set open/closed)
  • Event specific log in to play games (no need to sign up to play games)
  • Set custom logo for your account (Replaces Loquiz logo in games)


Content creation

  • Several question types
    • multiple choice (several options, possible to choose one)
    • multiple answers (several options, possible to choose many)
    • text (possible to define many correct options)
    • number
    • photo (answer is photo that is uploaded)
    • video (answer is video that is uploaded)
    • no answer (answer is not expected, always correct)
  • Rich question attributes
    • media (photo, webpage, youtube video)
    • timers
    • score
    • location
      • general questions without location
      • location specific questions with location and activation radius
    • clues and hints
      • short intro (up to 5 letters, shown above location pins)
      • question intro (clue displayed before question opens)
      • hint (can be used when question is open, a piece of advice)
      • after answer comment – separate for correct/incorrect answer, displayed after the answer is submitted
    • tags (for filtering purposes)
    • languages (for filtering purposes)
    • instructor notes (for additional insight for instructors)
    • marking question to be survey (then all answers are considered correct, only for multiple choice, multiple answer, text and number question types)
    • coloured pins and radiuses
  • Find and search functionality
    • Search over question text
    • Filter by question language, creator name, question type, tags and location
    • Order by difficulty, question text, modified date and creator names.
    • Show location specific questions on map


Creating games

  • Several indoor and outdoor game types
    • quiz
    • clue-game
    • rogain
    • strategy
    • scavenger
    • match
  • Wizard based game creation
  • Add photo overlay onto base map (in Beta)
  • Set game language – game language determines the app language
  • Create custom translation for the app Read more
  • Easily clone and edit games (change game types and locations)
  • One game can be played in several events


Use public content to create games

Special content that is available for you should you need to add some extra questions or create a game rapidly.

  • Question library – hundreds of questions in English ranging from team activities to math puzzles. User can search and use the content as such or copy them to their own account and modify.
  • Game library – sample games that can be copied to user account and edited for content and location.


Playing games

  • Free app for iOS and Android (unlimited number of installs)
  • Works on phones and tablets
  • Works on- and offline (even in places with weak data coverage)
  • Set custom logo per event (overrides Loquiz logo and your own logo if set)
  • Set game language (in game settings)
  • Play one game in several events (results are groups per event)
  • Limit amount of teams per event (optional)
  • Set event specific username and password for starting games
  • Team registration built into the app (team name and team-members)
  • Team can resume game on another device if needed
  • Chat
  • QR, Beacon, GPS, clue question activations


Online results

Online real-time results are available if players have internet connection. In case internet connection is missing results are updated automatically once the internet connection for the team is regained.

  • Online game info for instructor
  • Questions and answers for every team (with instructor info)
  • Results table for the event with ordering possibility
  • Progress report for the event to be shown on big screen
  • Photo and video wall showing all the photos and videos made in the game
  • Map with locations and team tracks (selected game types)