Loquiz now allows users to put picture overlay onto the map in outdoor games (the feature is in beta, so use with caution!).  The picture can be a detailed map, drawing, tourist map, photo, sketch, icons  etc.


Displaying pixel maps dynamically will put the mobile hardware under pressure. If the longer side of the object added is more tha 1920 px it will be downscaled in our server. It might further be downscaled in device depending on the device capabilities.


This is done in Game Wizard, Locations screen (see the screenshot).




Following settings apply

  • Use picture overlay – choose to use the picture overlay, untick to delete the map
  • Image URL – address of the image to be used as a picture overlay. Make sure the image is not too large, otherwise you might face issues displaying it on the mobile device.
  • Maintain aspect ratio – maintains the proportions of the image. This is chosen by default.  Untick it only if it is not possible to calibrate the map without changing aspect ratio. This will make calibrating the map very difficult
  • Alpha (0-100) – sets the transparency of the map.  0 is full transparency, 100 is opaque. Increasing transparency will help to calibrate the map. The same transparency is used in mobile device (it allows you to show the map under the photo layer if needed).
  • Rotation in degrees – sets the map rotation. Needed in case the map is not to the north.

Calibrating and moving the map

Calibrate the map by moving the corners of the map.

Move the map using keyboard arrows when map screen is active (does not work when Picture overlay dialogue is closed).


On the mobile device you will see the map as a layer above the basemap.  The map will be presented with location, size, rotation and transparency set within game wizard.




As said, the feature is considered beta, please use with caution.


The map in use here is from Tallinn Zoo.  Here it is in photo format.