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Wrapping up the games and finding out the score

outdoor gps games

If you have run outdoor GPS games or scavenger hunts, then you probably know that wrapping up the fun in the end takes some effort. Players are eager to know how they did and if you use the “paper and pen” method then doing mathematical calculations for teams scores can be quite intense. With Loquiz you get results instantly in one table and map.

Results are presented under a web based link that can be shared with players. Also, you can even insert a results link into the game intro or (and) finish text once you have generated the event. Results are publicly available to anybody who has the link.

You will have a results link for each event. Note that you can have the same game used in multiple events for different clients (if you don’t use client specific questions in a game).

When you log in and go under Events and then click on the square word “Results”  in the Results column…
2015-06-02 13_30_43-Loquiz Admin - Events

…you end up on a page with the questions used in-game and the answers that teams gave for them. It is a good page for instructors to discuss the hardest questions or explain something extra.

You can access the results page also when you  run games in testmode.
It is not the best idea to copy the link from the web browser address bar and share this link with players- it shows exactly how someone answered specific questions. Also it has the “Game info” tab with specific info that might be meant only for the facilitator of the game.


For sharing, click on “Results” and you will have only Results / Progress / Map view. (Without Game info/ Answers tabs)  Results table has the score of all teams playing the scavenger hunt or adventure game that you created.

results-table (1)

You can copy and paste this pages link from your web browser address bar and send via email or insert the link into a game’s intro or finish text.
See screencast how to copy-paste and insert the results link into games intro and/or finish text: 
During the whole game with smart devices players can click on “Info” to see intro text and click on results link to see live overview of scores and how the other teams are doing.

There are several results screens, and their availability depends on the game type. For example, the quiz game doesn’t have a map view but outdoor games do.

In the map view, you can choose which team’s path you want to look at. Loquiz cannot be used for surveillance : ) It doesn’t show the actual team location on a map. But it shows the last question/location the team has visited.


Read more about results link from help section.

outdoor gps games

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