Android Updates

We have just released a new Android version of Loquiz player that has a number of improvements. Here are the major improvements by subject.

1. Game briefing and start-up

The changes here are based purely on feedback from the field. We used to have separate tutorial and screenshots that an instructor could use to explain the game. The problem was that you could only watch them while the instructor spoke, instead of trying them out for yourself.

So the approach has changed. The process is now:

ENTER CODE-> see the map and real strategy->throw the dice->start creating strategy if you want-> try all the buttons out->START THE GAME ->enter team name.

Help texts can be toggled on and off as needed.

This should cut down the “get going” time considerably!

2. Customisation options


The two most important things here are:

1) the app is now multilingual. Meaning that the user interface can be in the same language as the questions. We did not plan for that from the beginning, but the feedback from users clearly shows that there are people in the teams that need a local language approach. If you want to translate the application into your language, just contact Eric ( At the moment English, Finnish, Estonian and Latvian are available.

2) The In-game logo can be set on a game by game basis. Meaning that you can define game-by-game what logo is displayed in the application. So if you are running games for several clients you might want to include their logos, or you can also use your logo instead of the Loquiz logo.

3. General usability

We have tweaked the colors and artwork to make the screen readable in the
sunlight. Much more contrast and better visibility in sunlight.


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