In Loquiz it is possible to use a start field in several outdoor game types (Scavenger and Strategy). Marking start field(s) is optional and it is done in different screens, depending on the game type.

Rogain and Match

There are no start points, players can create their own strategy and decide which task will be opened first.


In Scavenger game type start fields can be defined to show specific point (one or more) at the beginning of the game. You can choose unlimited amount of start fields.

Start fields are set while creating/editing the game, just go to “Activation“ tab. There is „S“ behind each task, clicking „S“ marks this task as a start location (it does not have to be the first one on the list). See screenshot below:

In Scavenger there is three ways how you can use start locations:

  • No start fields – all locations without rules to activate them, are visible on the map from the start and can be opened by going there. So players choose themselves which task they want to open first.
  • 1 start field – when game starts, only this start point is visible on the map. When this task is answered, all the other locations without activation rules will become visible.
  • 2 or more start fields – when game starts only marked start points are visible. When all marked start points are answered, then all the other locations without activation rules will become visible.

Additional feature – rotate start fields.

In Scavenger you can make teams have separate start fields. For this you first need to mark start points (as many as there are teams) on “Activation” tab.

After this check the tickbox “Rotate start fields” (see screenshot below) and check if all start fields listed are correct.

If you make start fields rotate then each team will see different start point from your marked list of start points. After visiting the first location all other locations will appear on the map (also the starting points for other teams), but then teams are in different places physically already.

Read more how to separate teams from the start and how to make teams follow different routes.


We want to provide the best and comprehensible experience for our end-users. Due to changes in the platform and inactivity with this game type, the Strategy game withdraws at the beginning of the next year. However, some other supporting features will be added to the platform soon. Keep an eye on our next newsletters!

In strategy game type default settings are set so start field is random (teams will get random task from 1 to 6). Each team need to toss a dice to get their start field. This is to drive teams to different locations at the beginning of the game.

If you want to change these settings and set specific start field  then while creating/editing game go to „Strategy“ page and untick the „Random start point from 1 to 6“ option. Then you can choose one specific start point (“Specify field”). When you use this setting, all teams will have the same start field.