With Scavenger game type you can create a game that is simple and freeflow (meaning all locations are free to visit), but as a first location you can drive teams different ways. Each team is assigned personal starting point, and rest of the locations will become visible only after you have visited the first one.

Here’s how to make one

 1. Choose game type

Click New Game and choose game type scavenger.

2. Add questions

Add the questions you want to use in the game. If you want you can add one special finish location, but you can also use any question for that.

3. Assign locations to questions and choose finish

Assign locations to each question and make sure to mark one of those as finish location. This point acts differently to all the other points. It will not show until the game time is over or all the questions are answered or if a rule opens it.

Also mentally mark down the locations you will use as starting locations.You do not have to have starting location for each team, it is enough if you have some and they are in the different part of the city (or whatever area).

2015-10-26 12_00_33-Loquiz separate

4. Set activation rules

This is easy. Do not set any activation rules. Just mark the locations you wanted the teams to start from as starting locations. Make sure not to mark finish as starting location, this will end the game before it even begins. In screenshot below I have marked questions 1 and 2 as starting locations and question 6 as finish.

2015-10-26 12_01_34-Loquiz separate2

5. Tweak settings

All the usual settings are available. The one you need to tick is “Rotate starting fields between teams”. If you do not tick that all teams will see all the start points at the start of the game, and only after they have answered those will they see rest of the locations.

2015-10-26 12_01_34-Loquiz separate3


If you did everything correctly each team will see different starting point from your marked list of starting points (in our example 1st team to start will see 1st, 2nd number 2, 3rd number 1 in etc.) and after visiting the first location all other locations will appear on the map (also the starting points for other teams), but then teams are in different places physically already.

Finish location will appear only after all locations have been answered or game time is over.

In some cases you might want to set up the game so that each team gets separate and unique starting point that only opens for this team (like it is the same question for everybody, but in different part of the area).  To avoid this to open start by setting up the game exactly as explained above. Then add rules to finish location, so that finish location activates  all starting locations. In our example it would be that point 6 activates points 1 and 2.  These points will never be activated by finish, because by answering finish question the game ends. However because these locations have rules, they will not be opened once starting point is answered, making it unique.