Green Steps – reduce your ecological footprint

For starters try the game on your own for free and compete on the international leaderboard!

1)Download Loquiz from Google Play or Appstore
Username: greensteps
Password: carbon

and start playing! Or scan QR from the gallery on this very page to start. Although this is a location-based game this demo verion features “open now” so clicking on the pins allows you to open the tasks and answer!

When you desire to play privately with your colleagues sign up for a free Loquiz trial and use the game template on your account.

Let the quest for a greener life begin! Take Green Steps towards better world! Why? Read more here.


this game takes you to walk outdoors, answer educational questions and reduce your ecological footprint. You will win if you manage to get your CO2 to 0 during the game.

This outdoor game can be played from anywhere in the world by anyone. With “move all pins at once” feature you will set it up in your location quickly!

Players: From 1 to ♾️(each player needs their own device)

This is a ready-to-play game!

This free game is available in Loquiz Creator Game Templates. Sign in or start trial to access it!

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