New Loquiz Game: Make some Green Steps to become CO2 neutral!

Green Steps new Game Template

This summer is incredibly hot.

We’ve reached record temperatures in many parts of the world. I’m currently located in Paris: The thermometer broke the 40 degrees limit here many times.

The world gets very hot
Source: maps on the web

Global warming has a great influence on it. It’s time for us to start doing green steps: Let’s reduce our CO2 emissions.

We, Loquiz, want to gamify that green awareness. Thus, we came up with a new game concept that can be interesting for your event:

Green Steps main illustration
Green Steps

In this game, you will have many tasks appearing on your location. Each of them is equal to a little step. Such a step will lead you to reduce your CO2. The addition of all these steps can help you become CO2 neutral.

A few Screenshots from the Green Steps
A few screenshots from the game

Each task will give you a riddle about nature.

Saving our planet will save nature. And it belongs to use to discover its wonders.

For instance, did you know that dinosaurs still exist to this day? And they are numerous. Indeed, birds are directly descendent of the dinosaurs.

A meme about birds being dinosaurs
Source: Reddit

You’ll learn many trivia like this in this game.

Some other screenshots about the Green Steps game

Overall, this game can be a pleasant activity as a short pause for a corporate event. Indeed, people will have fun, and they will learn a lot of things about nature, about making green steps

Test the Green Steps game now!

Would you like to test the game now?

First, download the Loquiz app (Android and iOS).

Then scan the following QR code.

Scan this QR with the Loquiz app to start a Green Steps game sample
Instead of scanning it, you can also enter the following, username: greensteps, password: carbon

Once it starts, have fun! Good luck with being on top of the global ranking!

Bring the Green Steps to your own location now

You can also edit the game as much as you want if you have a Loquiz account. Just in case if you don’t have one, then you can create one for free here.

Once you have access to your account, then you can go on the Template market. Here, you may directly create a copy of the Green Steps game in your account.

Screenshot of the Templates market

The game is location-based. Unless you’re living in Tallinn, you might need to change the location.

And that won’t be an issue! Because you can move all the pins at once, thanks to one feature.

Here, you can see where to click:

You can move all the pins at once with Loquiz

Using only a few clicks, I’ve already moved all the pins to my location!

From there, you can adjust each pin individually. So that they don’t fall into someone’s garden or in the middle of a road.

Now I have my pins in Chevreuse, France

If you have some ideas or some comments to share with me regarding this game, feel free to book a meeting with me! I will then gladly discuss them with you. 😊

Let’s start our green steps today! 🍃

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