Petros Dagdilellis

From: Greece
Languages: English, German (low level) and Greek
LoQuiz User since 2015

Skype: petran_uk

At 40 years old, I hold a degree in Marketing Communications and a MA in Adventure tourism management with more than 15 years of experience game design. Since my post-grad years, my passion for nature, outdoor activities, and my lifelong love for games (computer games, board games, social games, team games, sports etc.) lead me to a career in the Team building and outdoor activities industry. I have designed my first game back in 2005!

After my Master’s degree (2008), I have started dedicating more and more time on game development producing dozens of games per year. I like to work on platforms like LoQuiz and Tabletopia but also love to create active team games that do not include any technology at all.

I started developing games on LoQuiz back in 2015, always trying to push the boundaries of the platform’s game mechanism, always in contact with the LoQuiz team to help evolve the platform. The result is a large portfolio of games that cover everything, from a simple quiz to multi-platform games. I love creating games that carry the best of both worlds (digital and physical).

Apart from LoQuiz, I’m also developing pure physical games (from treasure hunts to mystery games and board games). Lately I have been using Tabletopia platform to transfer some of my board games online and on many occasions used both Tabletopia and LoQuiz to offer a unique experience for teams and individuals during the pandemic.

As a Greek, I have developed a philosophy on how to develop a game:

If you are not thrilled in the first 10 minutes, then it’s not good enough! I’ll be happy to help you get your clients thrilled and make your ideas come to life!  

Jobs portfolio

To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and back (2015) – HR Golden Award for best team building game in Greece 2016, Best internal launch award 2016.

Built for Summit

A game about reaching your goals even if they seem to be over the Moon!

An indoor game where teams of 5-6 participants try to organize, delegate and complete all the stages needed in order to construct and fuel a rocket correctly, build a capsule for a very sensitive astronaut (egg), design and build a return mechanism and finally launch their creation.

The game is designed to bring out cross departmental  communication, resources management, initiatives, and roles. It was designed during the summer of 2016 and first played in August of the same year. It’s been a best seller for my former company (Summit) for the next 4 years.

Unzombify Now

Unzombify Now (2019) Built for Summit

A game about facing your fears… and killing zombies. A fully custom-built game for the upper management of a pharmaceutical company. The game was an outdoor thriller/escape game. It utilized LoQuiz scavenger tool, introducing missions for each team and locations of interest such as ammo storage and health center. The game was located in a small forest in central Greece. It was played with the cover of darkness. The participants had to navigate in darkness with their flashlight, trying to complete missions that would lead them to a cure for a terrible virus that turned the locals into zombies. The participants were equipped with laser tag guns that were replicas of real weapons. Professional actors were inside the forest acting like zombies. The game lasted for 2 hours and when it was finished, the participants asked if they could play it again!


Pharaoh (co-developed with Sagi Miara)

Built for StoryPlay and Christiansen Consulting

This is a project management board game aiming to address several issues faced during a project. The game is played by teams of individuals that need to cooperate, negotiate and prioritize resources in order to complete the project within the deadline, budget and specs.

The players are all project managers with direct orders from the Pharaoh. Their orders are: “Build the most impressive pyramid you can build before the end of the deadline and with a specific amount of initial capital”.

During each round, the players, working in subgroups dedicated to each of the above sections, are taking decisions on the resources that will be invested, they calculate and make predictions on the project development, they negotiate for common resources and sometimes face challenges that might alienate their subgroup from the rest of the team.

But what this game is all about, is potential! The players have the freedom to act as they see fit! This makes it the perfect tool for evaluating soft skills and hard skills together.

The game utilizes 2 platforms. LoQuiz (for the questions that allow the teams to claim resources once they have answered them) and Tabletopia, to graphically represent the board on which all the action is taking place.

This is the most complex game I have ever created and along with Sagi Miara, I believe it outplays everything else in terms of interdependency of conditions and possible outcomes in the game mechanism.  


  • Game story creation
  • Game concept design
  • Game rules development
  • Game Tasks creation/customization
  • Game optimization (settings, troubleshooting)
  • Game development hand in hand training
  • Beta testing (followed by detailed report)
  • Migrating games from other platforms to LoQuiz
  • Migrating games from other LoQuiz tools to Creator tool
  • Graphics editing and game visual design

Custom Game Development:

Do you have an idea and nothing else at the moment? Do you even miss the idea? No worries. As a game developer, I can help you expand the idea, or even come up with something completely new. All you need to tell me is the need of your client.  

Games I work with

LoQuiz Templates:

  • Quiz
  • Clue
  • Rogain
  • Scavenger
  • Match
  • Tours
  •  Creator


  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Team games
  •  Competition
  •  Escape/Mystery
  • Adventure/Action
  • Training/Development
  • City tours


  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  •  Hybrid
  • Board games (physical and digital)

Consultation fees


FROM SCRATCHCustom game creation
Creating the gameCreating some content and the gameGive me the idea and I’ll run it for youLeave it to me. I know what I’m doing!
You have all the content already in LoQuiz (tasks, task icons, media etc.) and you just want to have the game made.You have the story/idea, you’ve created some content but you can’t dedicate any more time to it. You need it done!You don’t care how, you don’t care why, you have the idea and you need the game ready for your next event!You don’t have the slightest idea?
Do you just need a game?
Just select the genre and I’ll make it for you.
Price per hour – 50€.Price per hour – 80€.Price per hour – 100€.Price: Upon request
Approx. working hours:
3 – 10
(depending on the size and complexity of the game)
Approx. working hours:
10 – 20
(depending on the size and complexity of the game)
Approx. working hours:
25 – ??
(depending on the size and complexity of the game, but if there’s a deadline, I’ll make it!)
Approx. working hours: Upon evaluation of the project.
(get in a meeting with me and we’ll figure it out)


Skype: petran_uk

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