Linda Tetsmann

From: Estonia
Languages: English and Estonian
Loquiz user since 2015

I am specialized in building real-world games using Loquiz: the best tool to gamify your events. 

I am a passionate and committed game developer who aims to bring your “Ideas” to “Reality” with the Loquiz tool. I like to accept the challenges and overcome them in the game creation world.

I started with games development on a Loquiz gamification platform at the end of 2015. Since then I have been developing games for different audiences. Games that are competitive and games that are collaborative, for indoors and outdoors, and also games that involve extra tools (equipment in the bag as part of the game) to solve tasks. During the years I got more and more into team games development. I love to push players towards collaboration to succeed. 

Between 2012 and 2019 I developed different physical games. For youth camps and for adults’ summer events. Games where I involved different physical challenges that needed to be solved with a team and where no technology was needed.

I have learned and keep learning what it means to meet a client and their expectations for their game/event. Next to that I have succeeded to fulfill their expectations and reach the best possible outcome. To know – quality matters to me.

I do believe the world’s a better place when people know how to create, not just consume, and I am here to help you to create your games!

Jobs portfolio

Increasing Turnover

The game called “Increasing Turnover” that 360 Degrees still runs for team building. The year was 2017 when I developed that game. In 2018 it became a real hit. And it is still a valued game on the market. Have noticed that the market looks forward to more games like this – collaboration games. The game was built on the Scavenger template. At that time I already dreamt of something like the Game Creator that we have today in our hands. 😉

Into Fresh Air

Games that we created for Loquiz Games Market that is now known as Game Templates. It was a beautiful experience to work together with my team at that time and bring very cool concepts to the market. In many cases, there was a very good input already by my colleagues and I just put the game together and finalized it. One of my favorites is “Into Fresh Air”.

Escape Corona

The game called “Escape Corona” that we created to increase the knowledge about the Covid-19 virus (2020 spring). In cooperation with Petros Dagdilellis and Robert-Jan Thomassen (our international team), we built the game on Creator with a tasty storyline. Between us, we were joking about how we are creating “a monster” 😅 (every joke has a little bit of truth, the rules setting appeared relatively complex). Overall, this game project was pretty big as collecting valued information and presenting it in a playful way. For writing the base for the structure I used  MindMup before going to the Creator.


  • Preparing your game on different game templates
  • Game concept designing
  • Inserting and modifying game rules 
  • Inserting game tasks and task media
  • Modifying task settings
  • Game Optimisations
  • Developing team tasks
  • Testing games

NOTE: Graphics Designing is not yet included in my services.

Custom Game Development:

If you have a custom game idea in mind then feel free to discuss it with me. I have developed custom games since 2016. The final cost/time of your custom game idea will depend upon the complexity of your game idea.

NOTE: Kindly write to me for ordering my services.

Maintaining regular communication is important to me for providing my clients the highest quality of work.

Games I work with

Game Template Types:

  • Creator
  • Scavenger
  • Match
  • Rogain
  • Clue
  • Quiz


  • Team games
  • Common goal
  • Educational
  • Competition
  • Strategy
  • Escape


  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • Hybrid


Sending you good vibes,

Linda Tetsmann

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