Event Professional News – Linkfeast 58

Published on August 18, 2017

This week event professional news link selection covers an challenge for event planning veterans; using…

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Top Tactics To Use Live Events To Promote Your Brand

Published on August 10, 2017

The value of live event marketing is difficult to overstate. In fact, some 67 percent…

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How To Attract Event Sponsors – A Simple Guide For Event Professionals

Published on July 27, 2017

Did you know? About 75% of event sponsors are on a constant look-out for new…

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Event professional news – Linkfeast 56

Published on July 26, 2017

Staying on top of news can be a challenging task. So we regularly pick out…

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What you lose when you don’t use games at events?

Published on June 28, 2017

Some event professionals start to use gamification tech without too much reasoning, just because there…

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Event professional news – Linkfeast vol 55

Published on June 22, 2017

Linkfeast delivers current most interesting news for eventprofs. this week is covered tips on making…

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