Match game type- from competition to cooperation

November 6, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Match is one of the most interesting game types in Loquiz. Why? It allows to build both- highly competitive games where fast and furious win the game OR a game where teams have to cooperate and collaborate to play against the game itself.


Match starts off very much like a game that is built with Rogain. In the beginning, players see all the pins on the map and can visit them in any order they decide. So some teams might go for location 1, other to location 7, etc. In Rogain all teams have to put effort to visit all pins and gather points.

The catch with Match is that if one team reaches the location and answers, the pin will disappear for all the other teams from the map. This means for example if you have a game where there are 20 locations/tasks and 5 teams, then there is high change each team might answer only 4 tasks from the game. Still, teams get points for the tasks if they answer correctly!

This means Match creates highly competitive, sporty and speedy gameplay. Now, this brings on ideas. For instance with custom pins. Each team should have a goal first to clean game field from their own color and then if something is left, start taking other teams pins 😀


Now things get interesting when you mark a special setting in game’s Configure step. “Every task can be answered until one team answers correctly. ” This slows down the competition because if the first team to arrive at the location gets is incorrect, other teams still get a chance!

Also, this allows building a scenario where teams have to collaborate and beat the game. In this case, the tasks are usually more difficult, have timers on and take multiple tries to get them correct. This means first team visits the location, gathers some info, passes that on to the second team.

This game develops leadership, communication and collaboration planning skills.

When collaboration game interests you then definitely check out Message From the Main Office. This is a ready-made game run in event company 360 degrees and can be a nice add on to your activities portfolio.

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